January 9, 1993


I remember it like it was yesterday. Our wedding wasn’t until 7:00 that night, which gave the uncommon cold front plenty of time to journey down to Central Texas. After having my nails, hair and make-up done, I arrived at the church for the final segment that was sure to transform me into a princess. That is until I looked VERY CLOSELY at my hair in the mirror. I say this because I’m fairly certain that the hairdresser was staring at a picture of Princess Leia while she was creating my “up-do”. You see what I’m talking about now, don’t you? lol


Chris and I chose to see one another before our wedding ceremony. While it’s becoming a more common practice now, in 1993 it was very atypical. Chris was waiting for me in the sanctuary of my home church. As I entered, the photographer caught a glimpse of his face. I think he was pleased 🙂 It’s been 15 amazingly, horrible yet absolutely tumultuously wonderful years. Did that make sense? I love him more today than I did when I was first smitten with him. He makes me laugh like no other. I still get tingly inside when he holds my hand while he’s driving the car. I love to get his sappy, sweet text messages that are for my eyes only. Ahem. Mmmmm. Love that man ‘o mine. Happy 15th anniversary, baby. I hope your flight is on time from Phoenix today. Or I just might get bitter 🙂

21 thoughts on “January 9, 1993”

  1. YEAH!!! thanks for walking out a marriage for the others of us to see and live and learn by!!!! – thank you for all the advice and being honest and open so we can learn to honor our husbands and love them like Jesus does!

  2. I’m always in awe of a marriage where Christ is permitted to grow through the two that have been joined to Him. Happy anniversary.

  3. Absolutely! Happy Anniversary!
    You both are beautiful. May your day be filled with sweet memories and hard earned joy! God is big and He is big in ya’ll.

    love to you!!

  4. Oh one more thing I had to comment…I noticed you had a precious moments figure on top of your cake! We had that too! Ours was slightly different but still a Precious Moments wedding figurine. I think that was a big thing back then…(wow back then makes us seem old sorry!) We were married in 1990!

  5. Woohoo!! Congrats and thanks for sharing! My hubby and I saw each other before our wedding and it was wonderful! The loving more, laughing, hand holding, and text messages are things I would say about my hubby too! I just pray that on our 15th anniversary I say the exact same stuff! Bless you both!!

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    That would be the most awesome wedding hairstyle in the world. I can see why he was pleased. Princess Leia hairstyles are the bomb.

  7. Happy Anniversary. With your veil on I can’t really tell that your hair looked like Princess Leia. I hope you didn’t have flies baked into your cake like we did. Now how could that have happened? Well, at least we got our money refunded. And it makes for a funny wedding memory.

  8. love that you mentioned the pic of chris when the photog caught him.

    joy and i “secured” the sanctuary for about 20 mins. prior to group photos so we could have some time and do our pics. one of our favorite is of me when i came out of one of the “green rooms” and saw joy in her dress for the first time. 🙂

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