7 thoughts on “Jacked Up Theology”

  1. I wonder what scary story he heard in LifeKids to prompt such a rebuff. Was it the flood? The plagues? God really should have thought about how that would look on a felt board in Sunday School before he started throwing down frogs and boils all over Egypt.

  2. I’m still laughing at ‘seth, I will spank you.’ ‘and you will go to jail’… I bet I’ve told that to 20 different people… priceless. I love to dig inside their little minds and hear how they think… I’ll randomly ask noah questions all the time… like… hey… how do you think cars work?

  3. Oh the many many wonderful hours in the car debating and teaching theology to my son.

    He insists on calling Jesus “God” every time Jesus appears in his kid’s bible.

    He knows in heart that God The Son is the one who created the heavens and the earth, appeared to Moses as the Burning Bush, Kinsmen Redeemer to Ruth, etc.

    What is so funny is that my pastor argues the same thing.

    Creation of Man – Make him in Our image
    Burning Bush – God said “I Am”, Jesus said “I Am” etc.

  4. Sheesh. Those conversations are a tad bit stressful aren’t they? I mean, I know she’s only two but you CANNOT say that you don’t love Jesus because you love Momma. I try to explain to her that we can, and do, love more than one person. And please…don’t blaspheme.

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