I’ve Got More Friends Than He Does

My sweet, poor, sexy hunk of a hubby is a little down these days.  Seems that because I’ve got more friends on Facebook and more followers on the Twitter than he does that he is in a bit of a tizzy. It’s tough being me, y’all.  I mean, I’m a good friend.  What can I say? It doesn’t matter that the hubby has talents, too.  I mean, they aren’t as fabulous as my spreadsheet making abilities, but they are, well, they’re okay. Take, por ejemplo, the fact that he can hear a song and play it on the guitar AND piano BY EAR while singing along.  He’s led worship in front of hundreds of people.  He’s spoken to thousands of people at LifeChurch.tv.  He’s leading six of our campuses because he is such a gifted leader. And still. And still he’s sad because his very sweet and encouraging wife has more friends on Facebook and followers on the Twitter. Now. Because I’m so sweet and encouraging and oftentimes sacrificial for the sake of my man, I’d like for alla y’all to help the poor child out.  I’d like for you to follow him and be his friend.  For the sake of his pee pickin’ little heart, you understand. Go now.  Follow.  Befriend. Chris on FacebookChris on the Twitter. Wipe the tears, Honey.  You’ll surpass me in no time.

10 thoughts on “I’ve Got More Friends Than He Does”

  1. What a good wife! I’m not exactly sure “sympathy friends” feel the same as people that seek me out on their own, but make no mistake…I WILL ACCEPT YOUR FRIENDSHIP! 🙂

  2. My husband introduced me to blogging…and now shakes his head in disgust as he checks our stats and sees I have more readers than he does. I tell him it’s a moms world in the blogosphere!

  3. Oh, I know Chris has been quoting all day long, “He that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing.” Or, whatever that bit in the Bible says.

  4. OH BTW….I have been a follower of Mr. Beall and he doesn’t follow me….So maybe He is breaking my heart by not wanting to be my friend. I already have a complex because he left town when I came a visiting!!! LOL

  5. okay,
    In my own defense, the issue is one of commitment. I follow 25 people on my twitter. I take the responsibility of staying up to speed with those i follow seriously. the last thing i want to do is follow 400 people but not really take the time to know whats going on in all of their lives…..Is anyone buying this?

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