I’ve Been A Mom For 11 Years

He’s such a good kid. Just the other day he opened the car door for me, clean out the dishwasher and made me a comfy place to sit in my chair. And I didn’t even ask him to. Happy birthday, sweet Noah Christopher. I love you more. Noah

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been A Mom For 11 Years”

  1. I hope Noah has had a GREAT day!!! Your last phrase “I love you more” makes me think that this is a “thing” between you. My two daughters are wedding presents from my husband, so they have only been a part of my life for going on 4 years. On the other hand, I have a nephew (will be 24 next month) and a niece (will be 21 in May)…oh my…I can’t believe they are that old. Well, considering I was single for all of their “growing up” years, and since I didn’t have children of my own – I devoted my maternal feelings to them. Weekend visits to my house were a monthly thing – if not a couple times a month – which gave me precious time with them, and precious “mom and dad” time for my sister and her hubby. Due to this, we became VERY close…UNBELIEVABLY close…and we have always had a game of “Love You The Most” while they other one disagrees that he/she loves ME the most and the game still continues at almost 24 and 21…and when we leave messages on Facebook or emails, we always end it with: LYTM and we ALL know what that means.

    Don’t tell them – but I really DO love THEM the most!!!! 🙂

    Happy Birthday Noah!!!

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