It’s Time To Quit…

Living in fear. Are you afraid of illness? Failure? Rejection? Pain? Loss? We all have something that frightens us. And according to my pastor, Craig, this past weekend, what we fear the most is what we value the most. Too often we get caught up in the “what ifs” and end up placing our faith in them instead of our Sovereign God. Craig suggested that we allow ourselves to go down the what if path. His purpose in that was to prove that we would eventually find our way if a worst-case scenario happened to us. That we would eventually begin to put one step in front of the other and begin to live again. A different kind of living but still living. My biggest fear is that something will happen to my children or that something will happen to me while they are young when they need me so much. Clearly, they mean the world to me. But if something happened where I could no longer tousle their hair or kiss their cheeks or hear them laugh or cringe when they fight, if that happened and my heart was literally torn to shreds and probably missing a true heartbeat, I know that my Redeemer will be there. He will carry me and comfort me and cradle me in my tumultuous and dreadful situation even when the days come and I would prefer death to living on this earth. I still know He’s there. He’ll always be there. I’ve been making a conscious choice to surrender them to God daily. And it’s working. It’s not easy, but it is working. In what area of your life are you living in fear? What steps do you need to take to surrender that to Christ?

4 thoughts on “It’s Time To Quit…”

  1. I know I have fears… I just choose not to acknowledge them because I know it’s the adversary putting doubt in my head. Great post. I haven’t watched that session of Pastor Craig’s sermon yet.

  2. I have the exact fear that you struggled with concerning your children. I am so afraid that my son is not safe when he’s with his dad that I am ready to stop taking the night classes I just began this year. I know it’s an attack from the enemy and his plan is to stop my progress in life. I once fought with the spirit of fear on a daily basis, but GOD delivered me from it, now this fear with my sons safety is like a gate way for that spirit to come in to cripple me from progress. I thank you so much for postiing this. I am going to school tonight and I am trusting GOD with my sons safety. GOD Bless you and your ministry

  3. I most certainly relate to the fear of losing my children. I have visualized the “what if” of their death and the pain I feel just thinking about it is horrific. I have begun to catch myself doing that and when I do I rebuke Satan. I let him know he will not steal my joy! I know my Lord and Savior would pick me up and give me the grace to get through it. The journey would be hard to say the least but eventually I would begin to live again. The other fear I battle on a daily basis is my future with the calling God has put on my life and the battle of inadequacy! Not feeling “good enough” or equipped to do what he is asking. I’m terrified! He reminds me all the time about Moses and his fear of delivering the Israelites out of Egypt and how God was “WITH HIM” and “EQUIPPED HIM” to do the will of God. It is a daily prayer of mine right now to be delivered of this fear and walk in confidence that with HIM, I can do anything. I am continuing to walk in faith and do today what I can do to enable me to do tomorrow what I can’t do today.

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