It’s Time For Me To Name-Drop

If you know me at all, you know that I hate name-dropping. (I don’t hate you, just the fact that you think you have to drop someone’s name in the presence of others to make yourself feel important.) (Sorry if I stepped on your toes.) So, when I name-drop this next fella, please know that to me, it’s not name-dropping. I know Craig Groeschel. There.  I did it. But you need to realize that to me, I didn’t name drop.  Because he’s been my pastor for the last 8 years and both he and his wife, Amy, are cherished friends whom I would do anything for.  My love and adoration for them is deep. Because you see, before LifeChurch.tv was LifeChurch.tv with the website that gives away free materials to any church that wants to download them, the mutli-site church with 13 campuses in five states, and the senior pastor who not only has authored four books but now is pretty much the hottest ticket on the Christian speaking circuit, it was the church that rallied around my husband and me in our darkest hour. Craig was the guy who came over and sat across from me while I was crying on the sofa because my life as I knew it was destroyed.  Craig is the guy who sees my boys at church, tossles their hair and says, “They are getting so big!”  Craig is the guy who sent me a text message and offered to help take care of my boys when my father-in-law passed away.  Craig is the guy who supports, loves and encourages my husband and me as we share our story with the world. He’s my pastor.  But more importantly, he’s my friend. And he’s written a new book called The Christian Athiest. Christian Athiest *gasp* Did she just say the word Christian and Athiest in the same sentence?  Isn’t that sacrilegious and blasphemous? I did indeed say that. Cuz that’s the way I roll, y’all. Actually, it’s the way Craig’s publisher rolled when they all decided on this title. I can’t wait to devour this book and hear what Craig will say.  And I pray that you will go and purchase it as well.  Perhaps it will disrupt your life a little bit so that you will not just say you believe in Jesus Christ, but that you will go out and start living it. Every.  Single.  Day. Check it out and thank you for not judging me for name-dropping Craig Groeschel. See, did it again.  My bad.

4 thoughts on “It’s Time For Me To Name-Drop”

  1. S’all good Cindy. In this case I wouldn’t consider it “name dropping” either. In this case you’re promoting him in a positive light.

    We all need friends like Craig and you. If I lived near you I’d be on your doorstep looking for company and companionship. You’re my kind of friend.

    Thank you for allowing me to babble and exhort you. Thank you for encouraging and supporting me.

    Happy Monday!

  2. Craig is a great pastor! I used to attend Life Church and really enjoyed his sermons! I’ve been eyeballing this book… I might actually have to pick it up and read it!

  3. It’s hard not to namedrop when he’s our very own pastor!! 🙂 Cannot wait to dive into this book, as well!! His other books definitely shook me to the core in some way or another! Way to represent, Cindy! 🙂

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