“It’s the Season for Giving”

I know you have heard that phrase during the Christmas holidays. Question: Is it really? What about January through October? Don’t people need assistance then, too? Shouldn’t we be giving year round? This is something that has annoyed me for years. I’d love to hear your insight and what you think even if you disagree with me. 🙂

5 thoughts on ““It’s the Season for Giving””

  1. Christmas is the season for giving much like Veterans Day is the day to be thankful for the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform. Should we be giving all year? Of course! Should we be thankful daily to our Veterans for the sacrifices they made? Definately. We just cant focus on it all year UNLESS its a special burden God has placed on your heart.

    Some people DO focus on giving all year. They are the folks that beg us to participate in the micro-missions at the food pantry. And I’m not dogging it. Its VITAL! Just like mentoring women is vital. But if we all focused on giving all year we would not be a body and no one would be mentoring women or appreciating Veterans.

  2. I think that this time of the year just brings out the giving nature in people becuase everywhere you look, there are signs for Christmas, Christmas gifts, Christmas parties, etc. This is when nearly everyone is shopping for their family and friends at one time, rather than here and there for birthdays and such – and the time when we all plan huge gatherings with our friends and familes. I think all that reminds us that there are those out there with nothing and no one. But you are right – we should give more often than just once a year.

  3. totally agree, but seems also that it is a reminder to not be greedy or awaiting a return on our giving that we seem to be more generous with this time of year as a whole society (being an intergral part of the church, sometimes we forget about the world’s mindset of “end of the year contributions” for tax purposes, not out of generosity).

    we tithe all year long, so we see the blessing of being a joyful giver and the obedience and faith we gain. so it is possible we enjoy giving maybe more than those who hold onto the 10% all year long and only want an equal return on anything they spend during the “giving season” (bah-humbug) for the “what’s in it for me mentality”

  4. I think Christmas is advertised as the “season for giving” so some people can get that tax write-off. Eek.

    You’re right, giving should be a part of our lives throughout the year.

  5. I do see why you’d be annoyed but to me… only my opinion… it’s just a reminder to us all to bring it back to what it’s all about. None of this is ours anyway. We know we’re supposed to be in the Word everyday, but we’re not, until one of Craig’s messages or something else lights a fire under us. It’s a season where people are reminded that we are here to be light for others and to give to those who need and even to those who don’t. Everyday should be Christmas time and really if we’re believers…it is. King of kings and Lord of Lords… Hallelujah!!! 🙂

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