It’s The Little Things

For the last several months I have been re-writing my book.  I’ve written for hours on end and have devoted major amounts of mental energy to this project.  While it’s been difficult in many ways because of the edits and necessary adjustments, it has been a wonderful journey. Like this past week when my writing coach/agent, Toben Heim, called to tell me that the one-sentence description I wrote on my proposal about my book was sheer brilliance.  Okay, so he didn’t say brilliance but he did say that “every word has power in your sentence” and that it is amazing.  I am pretty sure he used the word amazing.  I think he said amazing.  Let’s just go with amazing, mkay? His call to me came on a Friday in the midst of sweeping up dirt and leaves that were blown into my garage by the infamous Oklahoma wind.  It was unexpected but greatly appreciated.  In fact, we laughed about it for the longest time because we “writers” are a funny bunch.  We get critiqued left and right and hope for that sweet someday when the stars will align and all will be right in our grammatical and creative worlds.  And since my sweet someday was him telling me how great my one-sentence description was, don’t you think I didn’t tell all of Oklahoma about it. So, here’s the deal.  We need to hear good things.  It is no fun at all to only hear the negatives, the corrections as we go through this thing called life. Focus on the wonderful. And encourage someone today with something they did right.

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