It’s Like I’ve Known Her All My Life

cindysarahcolor-1 I don’t know what she said when she commented on my blog for the first time back in December of ’07, but it led me on a wild goose chase to her blog. And y’all, I’m so glad I found her. Not only is she one of the most brilliant writers I’ve ever come across, but she is absolutely delightful.  In more ways than I can list. It only took two years but I finally got to hug her neck, hear her laugh, eat a meal (or seven) with her, listen to her, worship with her and sit as close to her as two women can possibly sit without it looking inappropriate. We’re both feelers and huggers so we sat close because only the Lord knows when I will get to visit with her again. The majority of our relationship was formed over the Internet.  Commenting on each other’s blogs.  Reading each other’s posts about life and ministry.  Emailing back and forth.  Eventually, we broadened our friendship to talking on the telephone.  (And if you know me, you know that talking on the phone is not one of my favorite things to do.)  I did it for her.  I did it for me. She was worth it. Is worth it. I wasn’t nervous about our long weekend together at my house back in December.  Our husbands had already met and knew, just knew that Sarah and I would click, too.  Within the first hour, we knew.  We knew the virtual friendship we’d formed over the last two years was real and authentic and easy. If it wasn’t for the Internet, she’d still be soaking in her view of the Pacific Ocean from her Orange County home and I’d still be, well, waiting for the next tornado to make it’s way down tornado alley in central Oklahoma.  We’d never know that we would have missed each other. But something tells me that had she never commented on my blog two years ago, I’d still miss her. I love you, Sarah.

7 thoughts on “It’s Like I’ve Known Her All My Life”

  1. I just found both of your blogs over the last few weeks, and I agree with Amanda. You guys are both amazingly awesome. Your stories have given me hope in some days that have seemed really hopeless. I thank you for sharing your lives so that others like me can see the earthly manifestation of the faith and hope that we have in God for His will to be done in our lives and marriages.

  2. this is so great…..love this…..what is so funny for me at this moment is that I just commented on her blog today because of her post and admitted that yup…….i’m stalking her too….found her through you…..and what you ladies don’t realize…..or maybe you do…..is that God has gifted you in such a way that you touch my heart and the heart of so many through you sweet words and I am so stinkin blessed i could just dance on my desk.

    Love you!!!!!

  3. so beautifully written. and it sums up many of my friendships perfectly.

    i can’t wait to hug you, my cindy. and glad to hear you’re a hugger/feeler. i’mma be all up in your grill!

  4. I found you through Sarah’s blog a few months ago. You have both ministered to my heart in many ways! I am so very thankful! 🙂

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