It’s Been Seven Years…

I’m big on dates.  On anniversaries of events.  For some reason I associate things with dates. Seven years ago today, my life drastically changed with a confession from my husband. As awfully horrible as that day was, I never in my wildest dreams imagined I’d even survive it, let alone live a life that was abundant. Boy how I was wrong. I’d like to tell you about one of the biggest blessings I could have ever received in this whole story. My stepson, Jack. He calls me Momma Cindy but it sounds like Momm-uh Cin-day.  When he sees me, he runs up to me and gives me the biggest hug.  He loves his dad and often just stares at him as if to say he’s missed seeing him.  He is smitten with his older brother, Noah, and is slowly, but surely adjusting to life with his little brother, Seth.  I think we all are 🙂 But I think the most beautiful thing that God has done here is to bring two women together in friendship.  Jack’s mom is really an amazing person.  Despite the circumstances that caused us to meet, I liked her immediately. We so look forward to seeing each other and usually end up laughing the entire time we are together.  Especially if Jack’s grandmother comes, too!  We talk a mile a minute as if we are trying to get in a year’s worth of visiting in a 60-minute segment.  We are genuinely concerned with each other’s lives.  We send birthday presents and Christmas presents and notes here and there just to touch base.  We are open and honest about life and sometimes have a hard time dealing with the residual affects that continue to surface from choices that were made many years ago. But, we do it together because of one little boy.  One precious, terrific, funny little 6-year old boy who has stolen all of our hearts.  In fact, he’ll steal yours, too, if you ever meet him.  He just has that affect on people. I realize that my stating all of this may sound so foreign, so weird for you to imagine.  Especially if I tell you that we’d love to spend more time together and have even invited Jack and his mom to come stay with us instead of just his visit without her.  I can’t really explain it except to say that the God I love and serve and have trusted my whole life to, does not, under any circumstance disappoint.  He just doesn’t. So, here I sit.  Looking back at some of the hardest, yet at the very same time, some of the most rewarding years of my life and I stand in awe at the only One who could make something like this happen. Who woulda thought.

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  1. I have to say I am a bit in awe of you as well…..I know the glory belongs to God but you deserve some as well…..

  2. Our God is THAT big! I’ve seen it first hand…the love your family has for Jack. What a testimony to His faithfulness, power and love. Thanks for allowing Him to enlarge your heart!!

  3. WOW that is awesome.
    I know a couple ladies in Texas that Live on the same street work at the same church. They are best friends.
    One is married to the others ex husband. She left her for the best friend.

  4. I think one of the amazing aspects of this relationship is how devoted all of you are to Jack. I wish that for my own kids. Parents putting aside their “stuff” and making whole-hearted effort for their kids. Jack is the one who walks away with the ability to be all he can be because of the devotion of ALL his parents. That blesses me and makes me sad for my own kiddos!
    Keep walking your walk.

  5. Cindy,
    Wow… perfect example of the kind of grace our Father shows us each day. The sin may be different for some of us, but sin is sin. It always affects someone else besides our self. Your husband and children are very blessed. For everyone involved, especially the children.. I am thankful it worked out for you.

  6. I remember the day. Even with a heart full of faith that God would do something amazing I never dreamed He would do what He has done. He is amazing but so are you!

    Love you all!

  7. i have been reading your blog for a year or so and appreciate your transparency and humor. Yes, it is God who does not disappoint and who has given you grace to be where you are today, but you surrendered…you had a choice! thanks for choosing the high road and being an example to us and a witness for Him. blessings!

  8. I remember dates as well. This one most in particular…praying and asking the Lord to show up in lives that would otherwise be crushed. Love won out! Well, that Jack is a special boy and what a blessing. So thankful for your choices. Love you so!

  9. what a story. i’m blown away at how God always writes out our life much better than we do. he can do much more than we can ever dream or imagine!!

  10. I am just now reading this for the first time. I have not been on your site for several months but something told me to go here today. Now I know why. I hope with each passing day the pain minimizes and the joy increases in this instance and in all other aspects of your life. Love, jennifer

  11. Amazing! What a beautiful testimony. Thanks for allwoing your heart to be healed, to say no to bitterness that destroys from the inside….and for relying on the never changing, all sustaining power of God in your life working through you. He is indeed the God who redeems and restores all things. There is no trauma of our past, no wound of our soul, heart or emotions that is beyond the healing power of God…when we choose to allow Him. Blessings to you and your family. May God continue to bless each of you.

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