It’s Been 37 Days

Since I have overeaten. Some amazing realizations have hit me square in the face over the last couple of months.  While I’d always known I had food issues, I didn’t realize to what extent I had them.  With the help of a dear friend on a recent visit to Phoenix, I realized that I was indeed, an overeater. Now, I realize that probably every single person in America has overeaten at some point in his or her life.  My husband has overeaten but he’s not controlled by food like I have been.  It is the thing I think about when I wake up, while I’m eating a meal, after I’ve finished a meal, you name it.  And finally.  Finally, I got to the place where I no longer wanted to live in that prison to something that is given to me for fuel. Opening up like this is also a little bit on the embarrassing side.  It was hard for me to say, “I’m an overeater” at first, but the more I have done it, the easier it is.  I mean, who in the world wants to admit that they eat too much and then broadcast it on the WWW for anyone to read? Uh, that would be me.   Because y’all know I roll that way. I am actually more comfortable in my own skin now than I have been ever.   For the first time in my life, food does not control me. So, today marks my 38th day in my recovery, if you will.  I am not an expert.  There is a chance I will fail in the future.  However, I choose not to look at two years, two months or even two days from now.  I will only look at today.  And for today, I will not overeat. I realize I will have naysayers along the way who might poke fun at me, who might even tell me that I’m being overly dramatic.  I prepare myself for that and just realize that no one knows this issue I have as much as I do.  So, I just politely smile and move on. Oh, and by the way, thanks to my eating plan and Weight Watchers help, I have lost 12 pounds since December 15th. TWELVE POUNDS! If you have any questions about this because you see some of these issues in you, please feel free to ask me about my 37 days of success.  And as an amateur, I will do my best to share with you what has worked for me.  I might even do it on video….Fa-yun-cee. Hello.  I’m Cindy.  And I am an overeater.

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  1. Cindy,
    You bless me. Thanks for sharing your struggles openly. It is so encouraging to see that God is constantly deepening us. I look forward to hearing more about your “lack of overeating” and how great your freedom is!
    love to you, Keri

  2. 12 Pounds is a lot – its MORE than that big sack of potatoes in the grocery store – its giving birth….

    AND you did it through one of the EATINGNEST holidays – Thanksgiving, you eat for a day – Christmas, you eat for a month….

    I gave up carbonated drinks last February and every day I go without one makes it easier to say “Water” or “No, thank you” – it also makes me feel so strong inside – like I conquored something and it no longer has mastery over me!

    Eating is even bigger than a Coke because you HAVE to eat! YOU ARE DOING A FABULOUS JOB in making a decision for something not to have mastery over you! KEEP IT UP!

    On a side note – can you find the word up there that I made up 😉 Thats how I roll….

  3. Hello I am Heidi I am an overeater, been food sober for 22 days. I also added 20-30 minutes of walking a day and a 5 mile walk on the weekends.

    Since Then I have lost 8 pounds. I’m thrilled.

    But most of all I am learning that food is not a replacement of God or really good accountable friends.

    It’s simply fuel.

    AWESOME Cindy!!! Love ya girl!!!

  4. Hello, I’m Kim. And I’m an overeater. When I’m tired, stressed, sad, bored, or awake, I like to eat. It’s on my mind all the time. And food never rejects you. It’s not like it can run away from you on the plate. Although it probably wishes it could.

    I’ve found success by replacing bad habits with good ones. And everything in moderation! I’m 50 pounds lighter than I was 12 years ago. Everyday is a choice, a choice of good over evil, pretzels over twinkies. Choose wisely.

  5. Great job!! addictions are hard and they come in all froms, all forms!! but i am learning that the more i focus all my attention on Jesus, the more He reminds me of His love and the less i want the things of old addictions (smoking, drinking, ect) and desire to know Him more. Keep up the good work!!

  6. Great post Cindy. I too am an overeater. I struggle with my weight because of laziness about losing it and keeping it off. I know how to do it but then there are times when I go back to that time where the feeling of food in my body is stronger than wanting that feeling of how good it feels to be trim and fit. For me it is a lifestyle choice. Like Misti says it is a desire to know Jesus that replaces those things that keeps us imprisoned. Dirk

  7. Hey Cindy,

    Once again, your candidness has hit me hard (in a good way). Since my earliest memory I have had an unexplainable love affair with food. After many failed diets, I now realize that it’s not really about the food. It’s about so much more, and I think that’s what you were getting at. Right now I’m at the point where I want so badly to view food as “fuel,” and to be able to worship the Lord instead of food.

  8. I LOVE YOU!!! 12 POUNDS!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    I am holding steady at 55 pounds lost since April. Still have 5 to go to make goal. I have days were I fall off for a momment then jump right back onto the healthy food choices wagon.

    FYI for you all…..Those beautiful Glazed Old Fashioned Donuts at Starbucks are 480 calories (ouch). In Weight Watchers talk 11 points.

    My 1 tip to everybody is know what you are eating, know what it is worth. You always check the price tag when you are shopping….start being informed about your foods read the nutrition labels.

  9. Way to go, sista! That’s awesome! Thanks, too, for your openness. It really helped me understand the concept of overeating in a way I hadn’t thought about it before.

    Be blessed…

  10. way to go Cindy!

    Much of my problem too, I’m sure…

    I’m a 130 pounder trapped in a 160 pound body….if you’re emailing tips, put me on your list!


  11. I could not stop thinking at bible study today how good you look!!! I want you to do a video soon.

    I am like you I think about food all the time. (I think I might dream about it too)

  12. You are 100% awesome. I found your blog through a friends’ site. I’m a 125 pounder in a 110 pound body (I have a petite frame). I know I don’t have a ton to lose, but I can’t seem to find the motivation to make it happen. I think about it constantly. About food. About how much I need to stop overeating. About how little I exercise. About how much I hate thinking about food. Etc. Etc. Ugh! It’s exhausting! Maybe this is a fresh start. It’s a new day, right? Thanks for sharing your story.

  13. I sit here comforted by the fact that I’m not alone…I’ve faced my food issues for 25 days now and I’m down 10….I’ve managed to HIDE the issues for years (real issues!)….it’s a NEW DAY, it’s a NEW ME…admitting that have issues and that I CAN face them….I’m on a “clean eating” plan that for the first time, I GET IT and my BODY likes it!!

    WHOOO HOOOOO!! Thanks Cindy for bein’ so darn REAL!
    peace and pounds!

  14. im with kim – im an under-exerciser too. not good at all. im tyrin to figure out how to do it without it hurting. i know. im a wimp.

    im so darn proud of you. and HELLO! 12 pounds! dang woman! thats awesome!

  15. Thank you for your post. Congratulations on the weight loss. Very encouraging! My husband and I are both overeaters. We started to change our lives 18 days ago. I have lost 4 lbs and he 8 lbs. We have also added exercise to our daily lives. We have so much more energy now-better than caffeine! We want to be healthy before we are 30! I have less than a year to go, so I’d better hurry up! 😉

  16. You rock. Plain and simple. I am proud of you and I know that your frankness will spark emotions and thoughts that will help many, many others change their lives.

    Like you, I had a moment last year where I was FED UP with being OVER-FED. Enough is enough is enough. Eat to live, don’t live to eat. I’ve done more of the latter than the former, but now (like you), I have reversed my ways and the scale proves it, as does my entire attitude and outlook on life. If this is the one ‘temple’ I get, I want to glorify God with it!!

    SO proud of you!! Keep up the great work! You are a CONQUERER!!! 🙂

  17. I LOVE food. Like really really really love food.

    My mom always jokes that you can get to do anything if you promise to bring me food or take me out to eat. I LOVE to go out to eat. For me, there is no point going into town if we are not ALSO going to eat out. And when I eat, I EAT. Since Christmas I’ve been trying to ONLY eat a salad plate size helping ONCE for my meals. I’ve missed the mark here and there, but at least I’m not doing it EVERY MEAL EVERY DAY y/k?

    Dang if food didn’t have to be so good! 😉

    I’m Brandy. I’m a foodie.

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