It’s A Non-Negotiable For Me

Carpool is a big deal for me.  When I take my boys to school, I like to be there with them.  And I mean really be there.  Some of the best conversations happen before they step foot out of my car and right when they plop themselves in the seat at the end of the day. And I’m not gonna miss it. Because of that, I’ve made a rule for myself:  No talking on my cell phone during carpool. Many a time I’ve had to abruptly end conversations with people, even my husband, as I pull into the school parking lot.  But, that is just the way it’s going to be.  And I make no apologies for it.  They’re my boys. So. Do you have any non-negotiables in your life?  Some act that you do for you, for your family, for your children? I’d love to hear.

14 thoughts on “It’s A Non-Negotiable For Me”

  1. Unless I am truly sick, I always insist on attending my daughter’s basketball games. Not only do I love seeing her play, I want her to know that she can count on me to be there, in the stands watching. For myself,….I refuse to have conversations thru the bathroom door….ya gotta draw the line somewhere! When they were little it was different…lots of times you didn’t even close the door! Now, they can wait!

  2. I take calls from my husband no matter what. No matter where I am, no matter who I’m lunching with. He is my number one guy, number one priority, number one love. He gets the first of my attention. Period.

  3. It is similar… but I have a rule that I will not enter a room or building talking on my phone… I think it is so rude. When you enter a place you should be ALL there, ready to greet and smile and bring in the light of Christ! (That’s really hard to do on the phone…)

    I’ve actually stood outside my office or someones house before entering, trying to tie up a phone conversation before going in…

  4. Respect. Pure and simple. I try and instill it in my children. This includes their relationships with each other and any one else they may encounter.

  5. Date night. On date night, Drew has my attention… No phone calls, no computer, no hanging out with others, unless he’s given permission for some unusual reason.
    Date night.

  6. I have been trying to do that as well! I complain about not getting to spend time with my kids, and then the time I am with them in an enclosed area, I am not taking advantage of it!

  7. me too! absolutely won’t be talking on the phone when i pick my kids up either!

    bedtime! we always have our kids in bed by 8:00. not only i think they need the rest, but it gives us a few hours together before bed!

  8. yikes, there are a lot, i think. i like yours. and mandys. and i also don’t talk on the phone in any line anywhere. ever. i call my mom every day. and i make my kids take a bath every day even if they aren’t really dirty. that is seriously non-negotiable.

    oh yeah, i take a shower before bed too. =)

  9. My son is 16 and we have a finished basement … need I say more? Well, I rarely have the pleasure of his company unless there is a meal involved. I know how important for a young man (especially without a dad in the house) to break free from mom’s apron strings and so I respect his privacy and let him be most of the time – no nagging and trying to get him to come and visit with me. BUT, when he does show up, even if I’m reading my Bible, and he suggests we simply watch tv together, I drop what I’m doing just to let him know that I love him no matter what, no matter how often he chooses to spend time with me.

  10. WOW- insensitivity is real touchy with me.
    I will not accept it towards my children, I’m their shelter.

    Note: I don’t have perfect children and yes they are screwballs at times, but every situation deserves respect and sensitivity.

  11. friday is brents one day off. as you know, being a pastor means odd hours and and the weekends are spent at church. so friday is “our day”. and its best when school is in session. we protect it at all costs.

  12. ooooohhhh I have a bunch. With my kids, it’s “the gloaming time.” It’s that special time right after the sun has set, when I’m putting my kids to bed. I can’t just throw them in bed, or send them off with a peck on the cheek as I sit on the couch. I come with them. We pray, I tickle backs. I stroke hair. I inhale their skin. And they talk. Or not. It’s an almost magical, spiritual time when we connect. And in the growing darkness they almost look like they did when they were toddlers. *sigh* And I’m hoping that as they get older, this will be the time of day they reveal their hearts to me, and God will give me some wisdom to impart, to help them grow closer to Him. It’s one of my favorite times of the day.

  13. Wow, you really convicted me! Thank you for this post! I am horrible and talking while driving and yelling to the back seat while talking and driving. There is so much going on in our lives that I forget to be still. Not only with God but with my boys. To embrace them, not watch tv or homework or some other silly task that can wait. I forget that they need me, more than I need to multitask. Come to think of it, I have so many places and opportunity to be still that I compromise on that I would not even think to rest. Thank you thank you for putting this on my heart. I need to find my “conviction” again!

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