It Is On Like Donkey Kong

I busted them. Hard. Because of this. candy wrappers Not only candy wrappers, but wrappers from fruit roll-ups, cheez-its, fruit snacks and cheese sticks.  They were strewn about on the pantry floor and shelves, between cushions on the sofa, and dare I say it, underneath their beds. *gasp* So, I said to myself, “Self, two can play this game.” (And it’s not really a game nor is is the same, but I like that phrase.) From this point forward, for every wrapper I find on the floor and not in the trash, they will lose one day of eating these blessed treats.  If I find one wrapper, they lose one day.  If I find ten wrappers, they lose ten days. I am sick of it, sick of it, I tell you because I am not their maid.  For cryin’ out loud, do these children KNOW what a trashcan is? Apparently not. What sorts of goodies do you find on the floor from your children?

15 thoughts on “It Is On Like Donkey Kong”

  1. Hahahaha!

    For my 3 year old daughter it’s not food right now.

    It’s pony tail holders.

    Of all kinds.

    I find them on the floor all over our house.

    In the car.

    In my purse.

    She’s obsessed with putting her own hair in a pony tail (even though it’s a stacked bob cut).

    Since she’s learned how, she is constantly using those blasted things.

    I’ve even found them in the pantry.


    And when I go to pull out the ziplock bag I keep (when it’s time to fix her hair). It’s usually empty.

    Not sure what to do about it at this point.

  2. do u know the pain of stepping on a bakugan (an open one) in the middle of the night?
    do know how annoying the sounds is toy cat that sounds so doggone real it scares you in the dark?
    do know how tired I am of watching the cheerleading competition at bedtime (yes the toddler not the teen)?
    These are the pet peeves my wonderful children are giving me…

  3. see raising kids makes it so i cant even think and type at the same time … excuse the typos! i’m sure u get my point!

  4. Holy, holy (!!)……our boys must have been made from the same stinkin’ cloth!! I can’t get ANY of them to throw things away….or at least put them where they are supposed to go.

    Clothes……well, wherever they fall off is where they lay until I go around and pick up all the random socks, Tshirts, shoes, soccer this, basketball that……..I honestly think if I didn’t pick up after them and someone unexpectantly stopped by, they may look in the windows and think we got robbed and the robbers trashed the place!! lol

    Cheerios, crackers, fruit snack wrappers, Hotwheels, Monster Trucks, GI Joes, Nerf gun bullets………you name it, it’s ALL there on the floor, in couch cushions, waterfalling down the stairs, sitting on counters, in the dryer, all just waiting for me to pick them up…..hmph!

    But you know what? Even with all that mess and clutter I still love finding these messes because they remind me of 3 of the greatest blessings God has given me! I honestly wouldn’t change the little finger smudges ALL OVER EVERYTHING or all that junk mentioned above for all the world to see! I just need to quit my full-time job to keep up with it all! lol

    I love the idea you had and will definitely start using that in my household, as well…..thanks, once again, Cindy!!

  5. That is too funny.

    I find socks. Sock EVERYWHERE! Everytime I find a wayward sock (in the kitchen, in the garage, back porch, where-ev-ah) I charge them $0.50 from their allowance. So while I continue to declare “I am not the maid!” I do work for them for $0.50/sock.

  6. Oh! I’m so glad I am not alone! My boys throw EVERYTHING in the floor! I am NOT kidding! It drives me nuts! I keep saying, ‘The floor is not the trash can!” nor is it the toy box, laundry hamper, desk, etc… but they can’t seem to see the difference in any of it! I like your new rule and may just implement that one myself!

  7. Oh my goodness – this is something we deal with too! I’m not even sure where they get some of it. School I guess. My biggest place to find wrappers – in the washer!! Guess I need to check pockets better.

  8. LOL Cindy. My daughter is an adult and out of my home now. When she was a kid at home, I only found trash in her bedroom. She knew better than to leave trash laying anywhere else in the house. Her room looked like the city dump. A few times I went in there like a bull dozer and backhoe and I dumped everything that was on the floor. I didn’t care what it was, valuable or not. If it meant anything to her it wouldn’t be on the floor like trash. She quickly learned to keep it picked up. She valued her trash too much! LOL

  9. When my youngest son was in his preteens he took a special liking to pepperocinis. They are salad peppers that I frequently bought in a jar. I often found the empty jar in the refrigerator and frequently complained about that. I knew it was him because his older brother didn’t care for them and Dad knows better.

    The big surprise for me was when I pulled the refrigerator away from the wall to paint behind it and found the hundreds (literally) of pepperocini stems there. Can you just imagine it? Him, standing at the refrigerator door (probably open), sticking his fingers (probably filthy) in the jar, eating a pepperocini and tossing the stem over the top of the refrigerator!

    The trash can is four feet to the left of the refrigerator. Amazing, huh?

  10. Capri Sun pouches. My good Lord. She knows they belong in the trash, I promise, and yet I find them in every place EXCEPT the trash. It’s astounding.

  11. socks, socks, and more dirty socks!!

    i’ve threatened to throw them away, but i might as well put them in the dirty clothes basket if i’m going to do that! plus, i’d just have to buy more.

    it’s an epidemic!!!! and it gets on my last nerve. at least wrappers are somewhat sanitary, but dirty socks?? EEEWWWW!

    ok, i’m done now 🙂 i feel much better!

  12. Ranked in order: 1. Legos…Lord, have mercy! 2. Socks 3. Band-Aid wrappers on the bathroom counter 4. Cotton balls beside the trashcan 5. plastic wrappers from the straws to the Capri Sun pouches Why, oh, why if they are going to make the effort to put something in the trash or the laundry hamper do they not make sure it goes IN not beside it!!!!!!!

  13. I have been a mother for 16 years with 3 boys and 1 girl. I love them dearly but everything mentioned iswhat happens in my house. Overwhelming MOUNTAIN (literally) of laundry, wrappers, garbage, dishes not put in the sink….it truly is frustrating. I love when you tell them to do something and they say “yes, mom” and it doesn’t get done. You ask why and they say”I’m sorry, I forgot”….Ughh! LOL

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