6 thoughts on “Is Craig Groeschel A Good Guy?”

  1. Gosh…I am so behind …you been posting so much!@ That’s good but I try to keep up.
    Um…I know I will probably sound stupid but who is this Craig person? I kinda been out of the loop from all directions.

  2. haha! Aren’t google searches funny? I recently had one that said, “my husband, my braces”—took them to a comment a friend left about having braces when she was a kid. Funny stuff!

  3. At our church, on the “worship guide” our pastor will put a list of the resources that he used for that sermon and last Sunday Craig Groeschel was listed. It was a sermon on money and I think our pastor referred to a sermon once given by him or something.

  4. A ‘good’ guy? One of the best, in my humble opinion. This incredible man of God has had SUCH a positive influence on so many people, including me! I could give that googler an earful! 🙂

  5. Craig’s messages are so wonderful. He totally lets you see that heart that he has for God. He also lets you see the heart he doesn’t have for cats. 🙂 I have never met him, will probably never see him live and in person but I would sure love too.

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