In The Blink Of An Eye

It happens all of a sudden. You don’t expect it at all.  I mean, you sort of know it’ll happen one day but you don’t know when that one day will be here.  So, you go about your merry little way. There you are one minute checking Twitter, responding to three-day old emails and seeing which friends have “taken their turn” on Words With Friends.  The next minute, you see the name on your caller ID and you get this feeling in your gut that something is wrong.  Sure enough. Something was wrong. “Dad’s on life support,” was all my husband’s twin sister could get out through her tears.  I tried not to panic and make the situation worse because after all, it wasn’t my father she was talking about.  It was hers. Or was it? I remember the first time I met him.  It was April of 1992 and I was forced coerced persuaded to sing a song for my soon-to-be husband’s parents.  How embarrassing, huh?  It was.  But, I think they knew it was for real and they figured that any daughter-in-law of theirs better be able to make some music with her vocal chords.  Apparently, I was a shoe in. Since that day, I was treated by my in-laws as if I was their 7th child.  Of course, most of their children’s spouses feel that way. My father-in-law was a one-of-a-kind man who became my father over the last 18 years since my Daddy had departed this earth just two years prior.  He showered me with encouraging words and oodles of love just like a father would toward his daughter. I loved his wit, his charm, his talent and his heart.  He did not achieve perfection on this earth but he did leave a legacy that will be passed on to generations.  His six children and nineteen grandchildren will make sure of that. Within 24 hours of that life-altering phone call, we lost Charles Joseph Beall.  Our earthly loss of a loved man was Heaven’s gain of a faithful servant.  He’s no longer with us in this world because he’s joined a heavenly chorus and I’m most certain that he has the lead role. You will be missed, Dad. Thank you for loving me.  It means the world to me.

10 thoughts on “In The Blink Of An Eye”

  1. So sweet . Precious memories to be sure. Thankful you had such a loving father-in-law. Praying my girls will be blessed in the same way!

  2. I’m so glad I was there to witness his funeral. What a great man! I tried to convey to your mother-in-law that I had gotten to know her husband through the internet and had even shared his Santa message with my children online. She was so sweet, but I think it was more than she could comprehend at the moment! It’s amazing to know the impact he had on so many people, and the legacy he leaves through his ministry has to warm the hearts of his children. Also, hearing him sing at his own funeral was such a blessing! The icing on the cake for me, though, was seeing the slideshow at the reception, where I felt I got a glimpse into the impact he had on Chris and his siblings over their entire lifetimes, not jjust for the time I’ve known you . Thanks for allowing me to share in such a personal time with you guys – it made a difference in my life. I hope we can see you all in the near future for some Badger/Beall time…

  3. Cindy that was such a loving tribute to dad and you are so right…he loved you dearly and with your voice you were a shoe in, into the family. I’m not sure how john made it in tho..but it must be his cooking.:) This brought tears of joy and sadness to me. I especially enjoyed reading Brian Badgers comments because he was on the outside looking in and he saw it so clearly. I was sorry I didn’t get to meet him at the funeral, it was so special of him to come.
    I agree 100% that dad has a LEAD role in the Heavenly Choir.
    I love you! Give those boys and that brother of mine a big hug and kiss and of course one for you too.

  4. Isn’t it just exactly how it happens? In the blink of an eye everything changes. Sounds like a precious, kind man. Its nice to be that loved by your inlaws.


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