In Case You Were Wondering

There are only 20 shopping days left until my birthday. Oh, I’m kiddin’ (not really) about you getting me a present (I like gift cards) because I really just enjoy our friendship (it’s nice, but so are gifts.) Ahem. Any other birthdays coming up out there?

5 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering”

  1. Happy early birthday! And thank you for the reminder of the limited shopping days until the big event! 🙂

    Tomorrow is my young’un’s birthday. He’ll be 20, and can I just say, I’m not happy about it! Why can’t they stay little?

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I will be 45 on Sunday…dear Hubby continually reminds me that I am older than him and I continually remind him that I LOOK younger! 🙂

  3. Just had my bday yesterday and I bought myself something pretty cool….you can check it out on my site….it totally made my day and it only cost $10 from a consigment store. And my hubs bought me some perfume. Would never post this on my own blog but he bought me the same perfume he’s been buying me since we dated (we dated all through highschool and college and have now been married 17 yrs so that gives some perspective….surprised they still make it) well, for some reason I just don’t like the stuff anymore….wearing something that long should turn anyone’s nose up, right? The first several years I just kept wearing it because I figured he liked it. But then about five years ago I just casually sprayed our bathroom with it every day to get rid of it. And then finally yesterday I just said, “HONEY, you keep getting me this perfume and I really HATE it. Sorry, but I hate it.” He laughed and said he thought it was what I liked. I said, ‘In 8th grade, yes! but not anymore!!!!!” So I finally broke free some accepting the same ole same ole perfume that reminds me of my great great grandmother. Sorry, if you love Beautiful by Estee Lauder. Have no idea why I shared all this.
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Have fun shopping!

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