I’m Sorry I Frustrate You, Mom

That’s what my six year old said to me the other day as I was cleaning all of the water off the floor around the jacuzzi tub in our master bathroom. I guess it’s really insanity on my part to continue down a common path expecting different results.  Every time I say, “No splashing all over the place!”  Really, Cindy?  He’s six.  He’s a boy.  It’s a big bath tub that he slides in from the top of the far end pretending that he’s on a water slide.  As if. He does frustrate me sometimes.  Don’t all children frustrate their mothers or am I the first? (Wait, don’t answer that.) But as much as he frustrates me, he blesses me even more.  Like when he wraps up the cord on the vacuum cleaner for me when I didn’t even ask.  Or when he willingly gets up from his “comfy” spot to get something for his dad.  Or when he brushes his teeth immediately after I ask displaying first-time obedience. Guess I need to focus on the good.  Not ignoring the bad, but paying closer attention to the good he does instead. Because he’s trying. Any of you parents out there struggle with this? I’m the only one? Noted.

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  1. oy vey. if you had only just seen the last 20 minutes of my interactions with my kids when putting them to bed. probably better that you can’t. but there was a pretty pathetic apology on my part to my 5 year old daughter whose eyes just kept following me with a look of either “mommy doesn’t like me” (which breaks my heart) or “mommy is going crazy” (which may be close, unfortunately). lately my poor kids have been on the receiving end of mommy being overly stressed in our cross-cultural M-work lifestyle. lrd help us all.

  2. This is great!

    Cindy, I was one of those children that was expected to be perfect growing up. If anything was spilled or broken my parents acted like it was the end of the world and went ballistic. Really? I won’t go through the details of the horrors that entailed.

    Praise God HE brought me through all that and placed me where I am now!

  3. Wow do I ever! I thunk we also tend to do that to ourselves also. We look for the worst in us instead of focusing on what good we do.

  4. Mine’s 19, and I’m STILL frustrated with him at times.

    As a mom, I think we hold our kids to high standards – sometime unattainable standards. Like thinking a 6 year old won’t splash water… or a 19 year old won’t try to push the limits of his curfew.

    But also as a mom, I think we MUST hold them to high standards. I mean, in this day and age, if we don’t, WHO WILL?

  5. Of course you are NOT going through this alone. Why, as you were mopping up a wet floor, I was probably fighting with my 3rd grader over 3rd grade math (of which I obvioulsy don’t get….). Such a frustrating night until dear daddy came home and used his special math talents to get thru to her. I suck. Or at least that’s how I felt. Yep, we all go thru that, but thankfully God is there to GET us thru it, and the mere fact that I (you, we) realize how psycho we are at times….is the only saving grace I have. I had a mom that never realized how she was. Never. Still doesn’t. Makes it a little tougher to deal with. Oh well, thanks for today’s words of wisdom……as always right on!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with the way I react to my kids over messes and stresses. You reminded me that I need to intentionally take note of the thoughtful and loving things they do every day. I am truly blessed to have five children. 🙂


  7. Oh yes, I hear ya. I always struggle with the line between focusing on the good and focusing on “training.” By the way, we have the same big bath troubles and I changed my “don’t splash!” to “you can’t leave the bathroom till it looks the same as it did when you came in.” It worked. More towels to wash, but everyone wins.

  8. ALL THE TIME!!!! I need to do the same. I let my kids take a bubble bath the other day (they usually take showers) and they were splashing and having a great time, but I ruined it by freaking out about the bubbles and small amount of water that were leaking out…on tile floors, that needed to be mopped anyway! I frustrate me 🙂

  9. The bath was never one of my triggers…. I LOVE their little naked bodies – the giggles – the obvious blast they were having….. And its just water – it dries.

    We dont have a tub in this house – only showers, but I plan to get one before we have grandkids someday.

    My frustration comes with what to let slide or to be on top of everything (and then who wants to be or be around that mom?) Stupid motherhood tightrope!!!

  10. Right there with you friend…it has gotten worse now that they are back in school. So much to get done in that little short of time it seems and it just makes me irritated!! Thanks for posting this and helping me remember to count my blessings and see the good…

  11. I needed this post right now. As a “newly single” working mom, it’s so easy for me to feel overwhelmed by the stress of my current state. I, too, get worked up about splashes on the floor (last night), spilled lemonade in the kitchen (yesterday) and toothpaste in the sink (before bed) – that was all in one day! In the middle of wishing for a Calgon moment, one of my daughters will randomly say, “You are the best Mommy that I ever had.” Then I just melt.

    You are not alone. Thanks for helping me stay encouraged.

  12. Hey friend, please remind yourself to never listen to me. I am currently cleaning up the downstairs where water is pouring from the light fixture under cole’s upstairs bathtime fun. I am not EVEN kidding you. Someone better get over here and SAVE THIS CHILD.

  13. Everyday my almost 2 year old son never fails to spill something while he is eating/drinking. I don’t mind it because he is learning but my family will judge and that’s where things get challenging-when other people start looking at you like you are the worst parent ever. My thing is to shower my son with love so he feels confident 🙂

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