I’m Cheap

Or I guess I could use the word frugal. I come by this SO VERY honestly.  I don’t know much about my maternal grandmother, but my mother and her sister are both cheap.  I’m pretty sure my two girl cousins on my mom’s side are cheap.  And although my husband loves this quality about me most of the time, sometimes…it drives him up the wall. Here are just a few ways I’m cheap: 1.   I’ve been known to drive clear across town to get gas for my car even if it’s only 2 cents cheaper per gallon. 2.  Most of the shirts I buy are less than $10.  I once spent $16.99 on a shirt and ’bout had a heart attack. 3.  I will seriously wear the same clearance shoes I got for $9.98 for at least five years. Ya see? Go ahead, tell me. Are you cheap?

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  1. That’s funny.

    I love a good bargain – I love to garage sale or hit the salvation army, but i love sale and outlet shopping too.

    Our latest good deals:

    Gap kids outlet: warm winter dresses for my girls for $1.37! I got a whole bag for them for $16.

    And my husband found a Calvin Klein sports jacket from Parisian for $21 (love those sales!)

  2. Oh dear, I do all of the above, and, sometimes much to my husband’s embarrassment:

    1. Ask the checkout person if I can rip the coupon off the box and use it for the item I’m buying (sometimes they actually say yes).

    2. Spend $5 on gas to return a $2 item just so I can have the money back in my checking account. Counterproductive, I know, but I can’t help it.

    3. Wash plastic silverware.

    4. Water down my kids’ juice. To eliminate sugar in their diets? Partially. To make it last longer? Definitely.

    Oh, I am sure there are a million more. I, however, choose to see myself as ‘resourceful’ instead of cheap. 🙂 I think the word cheap connotes being selfish and saving money as the expense of others. Resourceful is using your noggin so that everyone wins. Besides, as a SAHM, I feel like my contribution to the family income is seeing how much money I can save us so that the money my husband works very hard for can be used elsewhere.

    I’m way too excited about this post b/c maybe I’ll learn some new resourcefulness ideas. Maybe I really am cheap…

  3. Cheap clothes – yes.
    Cheap shoes – never!

    If I wear cheap/poorly-made clothing, it won’t actually hurt my body. Poorly-made shoes will. Now, I’m all for finding a bargain on well-made shoes and will rarely pay full price for a pair.

  4. YES! That is so ME…..! Like my mom was, and her mom… my sister, kinda, but not-so-much.

    I find its a great TRIUMPH to find that great deal, bag it, bring it home, and share it with my family!

    Just this week, I found a use for that 25 cent Stove Top Suffing (with cranberries) yes, 25cents! Used that leftover rotisserie chicken ($5) from Sunday, and made a casserole with it! SCORE!!! And it made a meal PLUS leftovers!!!!

    LOVE those days!

  5. @ sarah – hahaha!

    i am cheap. and i rarely buy for myself. in fact, when i get birthday or christmas money i get an immediate lecture that i am NOT allowed to spend one penny on another person.

    that is so not fun! or fair.

  6. As my blog name suggests, I’m a guy who enjoys a good pen. I’ve been collecting pens for many years, and know how to look for good deals. I wouldn’t buy a particular $140 pen, but jumped right on the deal at under $20. Once, at an office supply store, there were some pens on clearance for under $5 – retail was considerably more, and they left the store in a bag and the receipt was in my pocket!

    My wonderful wife is far better at this than me, though. She finds incredible deals for our daughters, grands and us. The check book says that’s not a bad trait to have.

  7. I need lessons. I’m not indulgent or undisciplined, but I swear if everyone says, “Go to Old Navy because all their flip flops are on sale for a $1,” then by the time I get there they are out.

  8. i knew i had to have a sister out there in this big world… who new it was going to be a TWIN! 🙂 i am your cheapo sister. i almost hyperventilate if i ever buy something that is not on sale….NOT ON SALE? i just can’t do it. thank-the lord for hobby lobby! if its not on sale this week, it will be next! 🙂 i feel it is a gift/an adrenalin rush!! thank you for your post….hugs at ya!

  9. Cindy, I like to think of it as “Shopping Favor”. My husband says I find the best deals…I do. I once bought him a whole outfit (pants, shirt, vest and belt) at Banana Republic for only $80. I always seem to find the deals.

    Recently, I had to throw away a pair of Borne shoes (my most comfortable shoes) because the sole of the show cracked. I really, really wanted to replace them with a pair of Merrils ($89) that I had found…but I couldn’t do it. I just could not spend a hundred dollars on a pair of casual shoes. Oh well. I found some very comfortable shoes on clearance at the Bass store. That’s okay. God has always taken care of us and you would never know I only spent 12.99 on the cute jacket I wore to church last night.

  10. I am cheap with myself and for the kids I buy sale or consignment. My husband isn’t cheap and I let him pick out his own things!
    I come by it from the women in my family as well!

  11. ME TOOOO!!! And it drives me crazy when he spends the extrea 3 cents a gallon because he did not plan ahead and allow the time to drive to the cheaper gas!!! Clothes???? I am NOT a shopper. I LOVE Target and resale shops! I have been called a time or two..”the coupon lady” at church…hmmm that’s ok because Pastor Randy actually asked me to do a seminar on grocery shopping with coupons….. I LOVE LOVE LOVE http://www.restaurant.com.!! We get to eat at different places we would not normally eat at. I am always getting $25 gift certificates that only cost me $2.50 through that website and using coupon codes.
    I consider myself being a “good steward of what God has given me”

  12. ABSOLUTELY! And proud of it. I do the same exact thing about driving clear accross town to buy gas. And most every clothing article I buy is on sale. I also hate name brands.

  13. “Cheap” is my middle name and proud of it! Always been, always will be! My oldest sister has teased me for years about it. My husband gets a kick out of the fact that I can find the best looking clothes for “under $10” and they can come from Goodwill, Thrift store, Outlets, or popular department stores. If I bring a clothing/shoe item home from shopping, he’ll comment, “how much did you pay for it?” $10? and just cackle! He on the other hand does not look at prices and it drives me crazy! He appreciates the fact that I’m “cheap” (or frugal…whatever you want to call it), but some times does feel I go to the extreme! Oh well! We work it out! Now, I don’t drive across town for cheaper gas, nor do I wash solo cups, but I do wear my $9.98 clearance shoes for a few years. I feel ya on that! I too, have had that ‘heart attack’ experience of paying more than $10 for a shirt. I (and my husband) usually have to convince myself not to return it! It’s good to know there are “others” out there.

    From Sister “Cheap, frugal, conservative, tight, and stingy

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