I’m Not Nosey, I’m Her Neighbor

She pulled out of her driveway at approximately 6:51 a.m. I know this because I was sitting in my study peering out my window which allows me a perfect view of who’s coming and going up and down my street.  Her driveway is in my line of sight.  Thinking it might have been her husband, I sent a quick text message to verify my assumption. Not her husband.  It was her with a sick kiddo making an early trip to see the doctor. That’s how we roll out here in my neck of the woods.  There are a handful of us who have a true community.  When we run out of something, we can the others first to check before we make a trek into the grocery store.  More times than not, the other can supply what is needed and a trip to pick up the one missing item is no longer needed.  We are each other’s babysitters and often get mad when one of us actually hires someone to keep our kids. I haven’t always lived like this as a grown-up.  I admit there were some neighborhoods where I barely knew my neighbor’s names.  It wasn’t for lack of trying on my part because rest assured, my mother informs me that I could strike up a conversation with a tree…just like my father could. Maybe it’s because we have kids that are all the same age who play together.  Maybe it’s because we are all outdoors kind of people.  Maybe it’s because we live so far out of the city that we need the company. Or maybe it’s because we truly like each other. While some people don’t know what their neighbor does for a living, I know that mine is a personal trainer and has three different clients that day after she teaches her spin class.  There are those who couldn’t address their neighbor by their name if they had to.  I know the first, middle, last and even maiden name of the woman behind me. I know their birthdays.  I know their favorite foods.  I know what type of creamer they like in their coffee.  I know when their kids are visiting and when they are with their dad.  I know which kids like ketchup and which ones don’t.  And I know which ones will come and accuse the others and act like angels. Of course, it’s not my five-year old.  Never. For someone whose family lives in another state, I am so thankful for my neighborhood family. They “complete” me. My challenge:  Consider befriending one or two of your neighbors and see if a door opens for an amazing friendship.  You have no idea what you might be missing.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I need to get to know my neighbors better. I used to know them when we lived in the country, but here in the “city”, I don’t. Not a good excuse.

  2. Ya know… we have “1” neighbor directly next to us that we’re close to & “1” on the other side of that neighbor. The others we wave at and say hello. I don’t know all their names. Not all our neighbors are hospitable enough to get to know. For one reason, many are at work 90% of the time. I do try my best when I have the chance. We watch out for each other and keep an eye out to protect our neighborhood. Afterall, we live in the city center and it has been known to be crime riddled. I need to work on getting to know the others around me though. Who knows, I could have a murderer behind me and have to do my civic duty and report them to protect others.

  3. we live 1500 miles from our family…. our neighbors have become our family. we celebrate our children’s birthdays together as family. we celebrate holidays together, have dinners together frequently and our children are like siblings. it is a blessing. i know i wouldn’t have survived our move 4 years ago without our wonderful neighbors. they were our lifeline – what doctors to use, grocery store to shop at, dentist to visit, where to mail packages, etc… all the little things. i don’t know all our neighbors and i need to do a better job of putting myself out there with them. great post!

  4. I LOVE my neighbors, We too have been beyond blessed with our neighborhood “family.” Since the day we moved out here, the hood was kinda small and everyone did bonfires/cookouts, all kinds of things togheter, now that it has grown x4, I find it sad that I still dont know, everyone 🙂 but on my whole street about 20 houses, we know everyone but maybe 2 families! It is just amazing, and I am very close to about 8 of those families. My immediate neighbors are some of our closest friends, and part of that is too cause our kids are about the same age, and when they are out playing, we too are out visiting! Just had my newest neighbor over for lunch with her kids. I have felt so blessed! We have even been having a neighborhood running group for the past 7 months, and there are about 6 of us that get up at 6 in the morning to go running together, now that is called dedication! I agree that you MUST get out and know those families, God has them living by your for a reason, so you might need to figure out how to get to know them if you dont!!! Love this post!!

  5. Aww how sweet!! Truthfully, you are the glue that holds us all together 🙂
    Having neighbors like ours is amazing!! They are our extended family indeed, I don’t know what I would do without them.

  6. This makes me smile really big but then also makes me so sad. I just moved from Clarksville, TN to Hattiesburg, MS not even a week ago! My husband just got out of the army and we have moved home to be with his family. I had the best neighbor in the world and we became best friends while both of our husband were deployed. I remember the first day she moved in and she needed some ice for her daughter (since she feel and hit her head). Why she needed ice well she didn’t even have a frig yet…anyway. she said I am not going to be a neighbor who always needs something. Well I told her that I wanted her to be that kinds of neighbor and we have been best friends ever since! I am so glad to have her in my life even though we are many miles apart now.

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