I’m Not A Tree Hugger But I Do Recycle

Recycling for me is a tad bit inconvenient. I live out in the country, practically on a farm, you understand. And Waste Management does not “service” my area. But I’m not bitter. Nosireebob. I understand. It’s the gas prices, I tell you. HI……WAY robbery. When we moved up here in February from the city, I soon realized that I would not have a handy, little, maroon recycling bin brought to my home by the local utility company. In fact, they don’t even send electricity out my way. We have to get electricity on our own. Stop it. I’m kidding. After a few weeks of throwing away aluminum cans and plastic bottles and being sick about it, I decided that I had to find a way to recycle. You’ll be happy to know that I found a place in my town that has recycling receptacles where you can drop off your stuff. Elated, I was. Until I learned that they were only open on Saturday from 10-2. TEN TO TWO. ON SATURDAYS. ONLY. For the love. But, again, I’m trying to make a difference in my environment because I have no idea if Jesus will return to this earth in twenty minutes, twenty months or two hundred years. I just don’t know, and I am so sorry about that for those who were looking for a lesson in eschatology. Back to me not being happy about the lame hours of the recycling bins place. I decided, once again, that a little inconvenience never hurt nobody. So, after purchasing some 18 gallon bins from the local Wal-Mart, I was officially on a mission. And about once a month, I take my recyclables to the receptacles on Saturdays between the hours of 10 and 2. Hello? Earth, is that you? Oh, you’re welcome. Price of bins to house said recyclable items: $14.54 Hours spent washing out cans, checking to see if there is a “1” or “2” on the plastic bottle, and breaking down cereal boxes: 21 Amount of Purell bottles needed to clean the gunk off my hands after making the drop: 17 Recycling to make the future of our children a little better: Priceless.

11 thoughts on “I’m Not A Tree Hugger But I Do Recycle”

  1. We are fortunate enough to have a recycling container as big as our garbage can. We could go 2 or 3 weeks without the garbage can being emptied but if they don’t empty out recycle container we are in trouble. It is full every week. We don’t have to sort it though which is convenient.

    I started recycling before Ryan was born because I wanted to make sure that I made enough room in the landfill for my children’s diapers. 🙂 I am too squimash to use cloth and there was no such thing as Seventh Generation when mine were little.

  2. oh yeah. our recycling bin is as huge as a trash can. And we don’t have to seperate the stuff, just put it all in. i am sure some people seperate, but i just throw it all in there.

    it began a few years ago when i ran out of room in our trash bins. i guess we just produce too much trash.

    so now recyclables go in the grey bin, trash in the blue bin and green waste in the green bin.


  3. I recycle but I only have to put my plastic box out half as often as my neighbours. Some not only put a box but then they add a bag as well. I was really surprised to see how little plastic I used but OY OY OY do I ever fill up that cardboard bin.

  4. I recycle for my mad money….

    I usually get about 10 bucks a week. Pays for my .89 coffees. No I am not cheap, I make great money, but times are tough, you do what you can.

    so .89 it is!!!

    Recycle center is open 12-5 here on Saturdays!! UGH!!!

    I loathe getting my hands sticky… ugh!!!

  5. You should be proud to be a tree hugger Cindy Beall! You are serving your grandchildren’s grandchildren AND! being a good steward of the earth God created.
    So, since I’ve convinced you to be proud and do all you can I wanted to tell you that if you are dropping them off at the Edmond location you can do more then 1 and 2’s so just in case you didn’t know..

    The Edmond Recycling Center

    Items Accepted at Recycling Center:
    # Plastics containers # 1-7; rinsed and flattened
    # Glass – clear, green and brown colors. Please rinse glass containers.
    # Newspaper, mixed paper (office paper, copy paper & junk mail), magazines, brown paper bags and shredded paper
    # Aluminum cans and foil, tin cans. Please rinse cans and foil.
    # Cardboard paper, includes corrugated and pressed wood paper (cereal and food boxes) and paper egg cartons. All cardboard must be flat.

    We’ll see you there Josh is usually trying to stuff cardboard into the already full bin 🙂

  6. YAY!!! I’m proud of you!!! The Meadows save their recyclables for me so I can take them to town and put them in my bin. haha.

    Maybe *I* should start a recycling service for those of you who live out on the land. 🙂

  7. this is EXACTLY what we have to do as well!!! Right down to the Purell. Except our recycling center is also open, conveniently, from 1-4 on Tues & Thurs. When I work. 🙂

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