I’m Not A Hottie But I Have A Great Personality

You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And you’re a hottie.
My sweet Noah said that to me the other day. I was okay with the beautiful part but calling me a hottie? Hello. Little inappropriate for me. Because well I AM HIS MOTHER and also because I’m absolutely certain I’ve never been labeled that before. Growing up, I was everybody’s friend. Maybe that’s why I’m still pretty good at the friendship thing today. The fact that I was a foot taller than most of the boys probably contributed to that fact. I mean, who wants to “go with” a girl in 7th grade who is already 5’10” tall? Not many. But if they only knew how great my personality was I’m sure they’d have wanted to spend more time with me. I was rather charming and even a tad-bit witty. I had other talents like playing instruments and singing in the choir and being the vice-president of the Spanish Club. See. I can be political, Scott Williams. You know that old saying, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”? Think it just might be true.

25 thoughts on “I’m Not A Hottie But I Have A Great Personality”

  1. ¡Eso es chistoso! Quizá usted debe presentarse como candidato, Usted podría ser Presidente de la Sra. Hottie el Club español.

    Yo siempre gozo sus referencias españolas, porque me da la oportunidad de utilizar mis habilidades españolas. LOL

  2. Si! Whatever Scott said—I’m sure I agree! ; ) And I think you’re the “whole package deal”! Bet there are some sadly disappointed former 7th grade guys…..they missed their chance! I may be just an old girl..but I agree with Noah (who has really good taste BTW)—you’re a hottie!

  3. Hey Cindy!
    Love your blog…
    Kids say such cute/ weird things. My favorite is when my boys say they want to marry me!

  4. Haha! Cute!!! Hottie, indeed! At least he’s not in high school…now THAT would be a little strange. 😉

    I hear you on the whole always-the-girl-friend-never-the-girlfriend thing. That was me, for sure.

  5. That was impressive, Mr. Scott Williams! The only Spanish I’ve acquired is from Dora and Diego…and this one episode on King of the Hill where Peggy was a sub in a Spanish class. And, they say television is destroying young minds.

  6. At least he didn’t say what my youngest Cade said to the eye doctor the other day. As soon as he walked in the door Cade said “You have a really big nose, why is your nose so big?”
    Always fun when the kids are brutally honest. At least yours was nice honest

  7. I was the 5’10” girl in the 7th grade, too!

    My mom says that after the first day of school in the 10th grade, I came home from school and declared “A lot of the boys caught up!”

    I still didn’t have many dates, though…

  8. That is funny! I told my husband he was hot the other day in front of his mom and he freaked out! I thought it was funny! Oh, and I was/am tall as well, even though I was the runt in my family!

  9. Kids ARE brutally honest…so enjoy the compliment because the next thing they say (according to my own experience) might be enough to make you cry. (Once during a battle with acne my son asked if I had the chicken pox…brutally honest, all the time…

    You’re smokin’

  10. yea, I’m pretty sure you are a smokin hot mom and wife 🙂 gotta love ya! oh… And I agree with Scott’s comment as well…. I think 🙂 me no hablo espanol haha

  11. Hey Cindy!!!

    I love your blog!!! My wonderful and amazing friend Tara Brown led me here, so I thought I’d drop you a line! I love hearing the stories about your boys! Tanner and I will be having our little girl soon!!! Only about 3 weeks left!!! Email me sometime…I would love to hear from you! I miss seeing you at church!!!


  12. I only “know” you via the blog. You seem to be a very kind and sincere person. And the tall thing, I can totally relate from a 5’11” chick.

  13. Had to share a funny story with you since you mentioned the word “hot” and since Scott wrote in Spanish. When we were in Mexico on staff a couple of summers ago doing missionary work, there were groups that came to the facility every week from all over the US. One week, a group came and they had made their own shirts. On the front they said Monterrey, MX, on the back they had a saying that the group had translated themselves and meant for it to read “We are on fire!” Talking about how passionate they were for the Lord. Well, after one of the mexican staff members read it, he replied “They cannot wear those to the orphanages!” When the group asked why not, he replied with, “Because they basically say we are hot for you (meaning horny when translated). They immediately trashed the shirts and all the interns went and dug them out. We have one in our closet as we speak 🙂 ha ha Sorry for the length. Thought you might appreciate the humor in the story, Cindy!

  14. Five foot ten?!? I am so jealous. Yeah that term “hottie” is a little hmmm…. well … kids repeat what they heare. But you are beautiful, that’s for sure. Great thing that your little Noah thinks so. His friends probably agree. You’ll be a popular mom that’s for sure. It’s great to be beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. I used to know someone who was very good looking but their personality and values took away from their looks. Too bad for them. So you’ll appreciate your aging process more…because you’re so gorgeous on the inside, no matter how much things start to sag and bag, you’ll still be gorgeous cause everyone will see the inside first and foremost… just sayin. 🙂

  15. Forget the saggy baggy stuff…we will all be elephants one day! Cindy is a hot mamma, witty, and an all around cool chick and I guess VERY tall! I always wanted to be 5″10…what is it like up there?

  16. Cindy, this “rang true” with me. I have a sister who is only a couple of years younger than me. I was what I would call a “late bloomer”. When she was 14, she looked 16 and college guys were asking her out. I was still having fun teepeeing houses on the weekend with all my girl friends. She was/is, petite, blond and beautiful. So she was always being asked out but when guys would call when she wasn’t home, they would chat with me and a few of them even asked me out (after one troubling situation, I refused to consider going out with anyone who was interested in her first). She was very confident in the looks department. I told her once (not very nice of me) that I was one with the personality and that looks fade. (She actually has a lovely personality but I’m more of the comedian). When I did bloom, I had plenty of admirers of my own.

    Also, wanted to tell you that some of the women from my church have told me how much they enjoy your blog…they asked me how long I’ve known you. (lqtm). I told them that I just love reading your blog too.

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