I’m Just Like My Mother


In so many ways. I look like her. Sound like her. Have the same mannerisms as her. Hook my horns like her. I even shop like her. But aside from all of that, I hope that I can be as loyal and trustworthy as she is. Next to the word steadfast in the dictionary, I am certain you will find her picture. She is the epitome of a great, dependable mother. Even when my brothers and I did (& do) things that she doesn’t care for, she is still there. Sometimes questioning, but always supporting. I love you, Mom. And please don’t disown me for posting that picture. I know you hate it 🙂 No one will believe that you are going to turn &%#$!*@-ty in August. Have you been blessed with a special relationship with one of your parents?

17 thoughts on “I’m Just Like My Mother”

  1. Precious. I’m close to both parents. But mom is the first one I call when my one of my kids does something funny. No one else will find it amusing. She ALWAYS does. By the way, you both have gorgeous eyes!!

  2. i have been blessed to have two parents who have shown me more about God and his love than i could’ve ever imagined! but my mom, naturally i guess, has become a friend and confidant. she’s amazing!

  3. I am pretty lucky to have the parent’s I have. I know that if I ever need anything they are always there to lend an ear to listen or advice if I need it. I just wish sometimes I didn’t have to share them!:)

  4. Gorgeous!
    I have to say that my mom is pretty incredible too. She has great strength, powerful faith and the driest sense of humor on the planet. 🙂

  5. My mom and I have always been really close. She just knew how to make even the most mundane things special. Its fun to see her show the same creativity to my boys.

  6. Definitely been blessed with many Mothers in Christ!
    Thank you Mama Cindy! (the name fits) And another…Mama Meadows!
    I have learned a whole lot from my own mother, she’s quite brilliant…I’ve never met anyone quite as skilled at finding errors, or teaching people to be self-sufficient!
    Like I said, she’s taught me A LOT! Oh, I do love my mother:)

  7. You and your Mom are both beautiful. How blessed to have a “normal” mother!! An experience I will pray for in Heaven. 🙂

  8. stunning! you really do look a lot alike.

    my mom is a ham. total crack up. fiercely loyal. smart. servant. extremely loving. wise. but she doesn’t know the Lord. but i’m hopeful!

  9. I had the same relationship with my mother and growing up I looked and had her mannerisms. I lost her to cancer back in 2000. Cherish the time you have with your parents

  10. My mom I just got to know again when she recieved her cancer diagnosis on my 40th birthday.
    Now, her cancer is in remission and I’m finding a friend.

    I love you her so much.

  11. I have completely different relationships with my parents. my mom & I talk nearly everyday and my Dad and I have this bond that if I am thinking of him or have a dream about him the next day he calls me to check in and vice versa. I was very close to my grandmother (his mother) & so did he and the two of us just have this connection. we don’t talk all the time like my Mom & I do . but when we do we just have really meaning full conversations I really respect him and am greatfull for him.

  12. My mom died when I was 7 months old. I longed for that type of relationship as a child. My dad remarried when I was 1 1/2.
    Both my parents are great and I am thankful for my (step)mom. But it isn’t the same.
    I parent my kids differently. Not that they did a bad job. Trust me they did good 🙂 They had 7 kids, I have 3.

  13. CIndy,
    SHE is beautiful…..and I’m doing the math…she looks fabulous and you two look just alike!

    I’m thankful too girl…I was given 2 wonderful people to call parents…mom overcame a lot to not repeat the sins of the past….and dad…well he is just a good ol’ guy!

    Now my sister and I do TALK about mom….always good:):):)

    I know what’s coming too…my girls will TALK about me!!

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