8 thoughts on “I’m finished!”

  1. Nope, I’m afraid not. We have to wait until my hubby and I get paid on Friday. 🙂 Also have to finish making some gifts. Oh the joys of being young, married, and poor. But seriously loving it! 🙂

  2. Ladies…what is this world coming to? Y’all make me laugh, but then again, my anal-retentiveness probably makes me the subject of many jokes.

    Honey…so glad to hear that. And how fun of you to comment on my blog!

  3. One more thing to go. I used to be finished by Nov 1st back when I was at home. And I actually am not completely stressed about it. I think it may be because we decided not to get any one anything this year. Ha ha!

  4. Finished? Just started! But come on… would you expect anymore of the girl who called you the night before school started to ask what something was on the school supply list? 😉

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