I’m A Peeker, He’s A Peeker, Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Peeker, Too

I get the honor of being a part of the most awesome church ever.  I know, your church is the best, too.  But mine, well, it really is.  Ahem. And behind our great church is one of the greatest men I know.  Our senior pastor.  I am so thankful to have him speak into our lives. If you currently attend or have attended our church you’ll know where we stand and how passionate we are about seeing people become fully devoted followers of Christ.  One of the ways we do this is by sharing an invitation at the end of each message.  This invite is open to all who want Jesus to reign in their hearts, take over their lives and change them forever. Shortly before the invitation is given, we are all cued to bow our heads and close our eyes.  And most people do.  How do I know this? Because I’m a peeker. Don’t you know that all pastor’s wives have the right to peek?  We do.  It’s an unspoken rule.  We all just know we’re exempt when the pastor makes his with every head bowed and every eye closed statement.  And not only can we peek at our church, we can peek at any church.  It’s just the way it is.  It’s a sisterhood. So, in my times of peeking, I’m noticing that more and more people are peeking.  Like just this weekend, I saw a man next to me peeking.  I almost wanted to say, “Scuse me, but you need to be praying for people to raise their hands and give their lives to Christ, thankyousokindly.” But I refrained because I’m good like that.  I mean, I guess that guy can peek if he wants to. Pashaw. In all seriousness, I must tell you why I peek, why we pastor’s wives peek. Because we love to see a changed life. We love to know that the sacrifices our husbands have made, including energy given to our families, is not in vain. We love to see that all of the blood, sweat and tears our families put into our church and it’s people is paying off. And that, my friends, is why we peek.

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  1. Hi Cindy. So please give me the scoop on why we are asked to close our eyes and bow our heads? We shouldn’t be ashamed of giving our lives to the Lord. I don’t get it. And so I never close my eyes 🙂

    I know it’s something about privacy and a moment between just you and God right? But I always think if we can’t admit to a group of believers that we want to follow God, how much less will we be able to stand in the world?

  2. Rain, that is a good question. It’s actually one that could be argued both ways.

    Yes, a believer should stand up for Christ and not be ashamed. After all Christ did for us on the cross, shouldn’t we be willing, motivated to show our dedication and love to Him in this fallen world? Not for any sort of approval but just simply because we love Him.

    However, there are many believers who’ve known Christ a long time who don’t even stand up for him. Can we really expect someone to do that if they are just giving their lives to Christ?

    The experience I’ve had with new believers is that they are nervous, yet excited about giving their lives to Christ. Some of them don’t care who knows, mostly the extroverted folks, and others, would just like to keep to themselves, those who are more introverted.

    Those are just thoughts and certainly not doctrine 🙂

  3. I’m a peeker too – for those very same reasons. I always cry at baptisms too – every single one, I even repeat the cry when I see it on video –

  4. I am a peeker too..

    Ya know, I like your response to Rain, I think it’s important for some privacy, but I also agree with Rain we shouldn’t be ashamed and look around.

    Altar calls (healing) are the same for me. I don’t want to know people’s business and I surely don’t want them to know mine. But I know there are people watching so I have in the past past held back my true emotion and brokeness until I was alone, it’s so hard for me to past this.

    I say that to say this, I think if churches stopped asking us to bow our heads, I think less would listen to the invitation.

  5. I peek sometimes. Just SOME of the time. Not ALL. Stop judging. Oh, you’re not judging? I’m gonna have a little more coffee now.

  6. I wasn’t a peeker until Trevor told a group of us that it was ok. (Never even occurred to me that it was ok, cuz I always follow the rules!) But now I’m a peeker and a seeker. Seeking out those folks, trying to get to know them, so they are more likely to come back. Then the next week we’ll talk lifegroups. =)

  7. Always been a peeker. I love watching hands go up – and I want to see who gave their life to Christ, so I can give them a smile, or a nod or something to acknowledge, Way to GO!!! We (your church, my church) isn’t a church that really outwardly praises and acknowledges that decision, other than with a little clap at the end. Yay….woo hoo! Personally acknowledging someone’s decision…..isn’t that part of the mission…..??? I was in tears during the service that Craig told everyone to LOOK UP, lets applaud those surrendering their lives, making this decision….that was THE best and I wish that was how it was every weekend.

  8. I peek sometimes too, just so I too can seek them out and get them connected into some kind of lifegroup. That is SOO important, and some people give their lives, and don’t know what to do next. What’s next kits are good, but a person inviting them into their home goes a long way with new believers. Yay Lifechurch!! Its the best 🙂

  9. It’s pretty much my favorite part of the service. Watching those hands go up often gives me goose bumps and then I take a minute to pray for the people those hands represent and the decision they just made. Yes, I’m a pastor’s wife and I’m a peeker.

    By the way, LOVE all this talk about Life Groups…so important!

  10. I will no longer feel a twinge of guilt for peeking; I will consider it the right of every Pastor’s wife. Amen.

    I have started visiting the lifechurch.tv internet campus on those occasional Sunday mornings when a sick kid keeps me home from my church. It’s a huge blessing!

  11. I’m not a peeker I’m a looker because I’ve been charged to count the hands that go up so you pastor wives don’t have to peek, respectivly speaking. Heck, I think I’m with RAIN on this one except I think it has just become a tradition or a custom we do because “we’ve always done it that way before”. Ha Ha 🙂 Dirk

  12. Cindy, I love your post but the interaction with Rain steals the show. I love your openness!
    As a pastor I used to make the statement with eye openned and head up and then give the invitation. Then once I planted I overflow here in Appleton, God began to speak to me about havng people close their eyes to help them feel comcomfortable because it is not about ME and how I like it done! If if allows one person receive Christ that would not have other wise then I am doing it! And God told me too.

  13. Believe it or not…I am not a peeker.

    I am a head down deep in concentration prayer for the newbies to be drawn in and captured by the spirit. I am always fearful that by Tuesday they will have forgotten why they asked Jesus into their lives. So I ask him to mesmerize them, to draw them into the Word.

  14. I don’t think I’ve ever NOT peeked.

    I watch and pray.

    I love seeing the joy on a new convert’s face. It makes me cry every single time. And rejoice. And smile, really, really big. And that, my friend, is why I watch and pray, er…peek.

  15. Amen to this post! I love seeing lives changed. My husband is a Sr. High Youth Pastor and Worship Pastor. Every week I ask him to share how many kids gave their lives over to Jesus. : )

  16. Not a pastors wife, not a peeker, I just keep my eyes wide open, head up and look. Can I get a ‘waive the need to close eyes’ signed by you or something so I don’t have to feel guilty when the pastor turns around and looks straight at me like ‘what are you doing girl, I SAID EYES CLOSED?’ J/k folks, they have never done that…
    I look bc I want to pray for them, see them, talk to them, and seek them out in following weeks.

  17. I peek on occasion, but usually do so on the sly…you know, with my head still bowed but cocked to one side and with only one eye open…I’m a rule follower, so I always feel guilty doing it, but I work there for crying out loud! Surely, I’m exempt from the “every eye closed” rule! Come on, set me free!

  18. I just found your blog today and I loved this post! I’m a peeker and I’ve never been able to verbalize the feeling that goes with peeking… and you nailed. On another subject, my husband and I saw your pastor at Catalyst OneDay in November. It was my first exposure to him… he was an amazing communicator.

    Anyways, just thought I’d drop a line and say thanks for defining the peeking…

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