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If you want to know where God is leading, you have to be able to recognize His voice.

Have you ever had that feeling where you reached out to a friend and they needed to hear from you at that very moment? Man, what a great feeling, huh? But better than that is the feeling of knowing that God’s Holy Spirit was the One putting that friend on your mind. In that moment, you think, “God just used me!” But we won’t hear His voice leading us if we don’t seek Him.

The truth is that we won’t be able to distinguish His voice from all the others if we don’t know Him. Are we willing to make the effort to know our Creator, the Knower of all aspects of our being, the Director of our future and our ultimate Sustainer? There are ample ways to accomplish this in our lives. We can…

  • read His Word
  • pray and meditate
  • read books written by God-fearing men and women
  • praise and worship Him through gratitude and song
  • spend time building up and being built up by like-minded Christ followers

If you want to know where God is leading, you have to be able to recognize His voice.

God’s Word, the Bible, is our handbook, our guidebook, our Owner’s manual. If reading the Bible is not part of your daily routine as a Christ Follower, then you are starving yourself. That’s a bold and strong statement, but an accurate one. You are expecting to run a marathon without any training. While training for a marathon may be cumbersome, reading God’s Word is not. It’s simple ~ just start somewhere. Some of the letters written by the Apostle Paul are great starting points as well as any of the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.) And as you begin reading, ask God to speak to you through the chapter or a single verse. Then, simply follow the SOAP plan below from Pastor Wayne Cordeiro:

Scripture ~ Write the scripture down.
Observation ~ Notice things about the scripture. Read the verses leading up to it and continuing on from it. Write what you think it’s saying.
Application ~ Apply this new revelation to your own life.
Prayer ~ Ask your Heavenly Father to reveal more to you about this passage in the coming hours, days and even weeks. Petition Him to give you the strength to make the changes you need to make.

Dive in today. Dig deep today. Allow God to show you new aspects of His character that you aren’t well-acquainted with just yet. He will show you. And before you know it, you’ll hear that gentle, perfect whisper leading you to do the remarkable and the unexplainable. But, you’ll know where it came from because you know Him and know His voice.

If you want to know where God is leading, you have to be able to recognize His voice.

Today’s Reading
Galatians 1
Philippians 1


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