If You Like Pina Coladas…

And gettin’ caught in the rain. Go ahead and thank me for sticking that song in your head for the rest of the day.  It’s the least I could do 🙂 If You Like Piña Coladas by Rupert Holmes is one of my favorite songs of all time.  The song tells a story of a married man who started searching for another woman in the personal ads.  He finds one that appeals to him and writes back to her.  He feels bad about his wife but he has decided that his needs and desires must be met.  So, they plan a meeting. And while I’m clearly NOT A FAN of the adultery, I do like how the story turned out. The lyrics say:
So I waited with high hopes And she walked in the place I knew her smile in an instant I knew the curve of her face It was my own lovely lady And she said, “Oh it’s you.” Then we laughed for a moment And I said, “I never knew.”
This married couple had fallen into a routine and neglected their marriage.  They both thought that someone else would be better and would bring excitement into their lives.  What they didn’t realize is that the passion for each other was still there…but the effort was gone.  They stopped pursuing each other. I’m guessing that some of your marriages are suffering right about now.  Some of you may even have the grass is greener mentality going on.  I’d like to challenge you to start watering your own yard and see what happens.  Remember what brought you together in the first place. I’m guessing there had to be a spark at one time.

16 thoughts on “If You Like Pina Coladas…”

  1. I like the “watering your own yard” mentality. If energy and thoughtful consideration are applied to our own “yards” then we will definitely see results.

    besides I love my “yard”!!!

  2. Can I just say that I’ve never known what that song was about ’til now? Probably because I only the main line…

    Great, great, great post. Favorite read of the week. Yep. You win.

    You’re a wise one, Mrs. Beall.

  3. LOVE the song, even though it’s older than me. 🙂

    If anyone is wanting to “water their own lawn” but doesn’t know how/where to start, the book “Love Dare” (as featured in the movie “Fireproof”) is the perfect springboard!

    I’ve been reading it and doing the ‘dares’ for about a week now. It’s amazing how much it can make your love for your spouse/significant other blossom again!

  4. That Abbi girl makes me smile…just sayin’ 🙂

    Still keeping the sparks going here. It takes work, though….NEVER give up!

    Thanks for telling the song-story….I didn’t know.

  5. revealing my blonde tendancies here…. I had to read that about three times before I realized what it was saying. 😆 😯 haha!

    I was listening to klove the other day while I was driving (a rare treat indeed) and they were talking about how just living together as a married couple isn’t the same as BEING together. You have to make an effort to do things together outside of the home…go on dates (alone!), go out to eat (alone!), go to a movie (alone!), and make that effort to be together away from the kids, away from the stresses…. DATE again. Dating shouldn’t stop just because we get married.

    I often think of back when Jake and I were dating, I HATED waiting a week to go on a date with him again (usually waited for the weekends) and now, we are lucky if we make it out once a month, if at all. A dating relationship would not last long that way. 😉

    And yes we have our moments at home, but those moments are consumed with chores, kids, phone calls, computer, STUFF. Stuff that is not nearly as fun as a date. Well, maybe SOME stuff you can do at home is more fun than a date. 😉 HA!!

    Dang that was a run on comment! 😳

  6. I did not know what in the world that song meant. Glad you cleared it up.

    Seriously, marriages are going down the toilet every single day. I just heard of another – today! I was shocked about!

  7. OK…so you know my story, my heart, my thoughts and WOW. Did you just nail it for me sister. Me and my JJ had a huge long (freakin’ bad fight) discussion yesterday and all of what you know came out. BUT, today, when all of the ick is out and clarity begins again–in the taco bueno parking lot—this is what it is all about. I needed this at 1:30am to think about, remember, print out and hold onto. Thanks my friend. I know you speak out what God leads you to…and He sure loves music. That was just genius. Thank you thank you thank you!

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