If You Can’t Hear Him…

You need to create space. At least that is what the guest speaker at Chad & Sarah’s church said about a week ago.  And I think he’s right. When we are busy from life and work and children and commitments we can easily find ourselves tuning out the one voice we need to hear the most. The voice of the Father.  Our Heavenly Father. It’s that still small voice that we need to hear so desperately as followers of Christ.  It protects and guides and comforts and leads and offers peace and hope and joy and love.  I’ve got my place where I create space. Do you? If not, find your place. Chris and I created space on a recent visit to California with our sons.  On our last day there, we did a little home recording of a song that touched each of us deeply. Hope you enjoy!

9 thoughts on “If You Can’t Hear Him…”

  1. Ok, girl, you know I love to hear you and your fab hubby sing! just nothing like that. pure hearts just loving on Jesus. mmm…good! I will have to say that I adore Sarah and Chad (thru her blog, thanks to you introducing us…or just me knowing her…but not in a stalker sort of way…=) ) back to point……LOVE THIS. beautiful way to enjoy my morning coffee and hear sweet praises to my amazing Lord. thank you, friend.

  2. Great way to start my day. I felt His presence in your melody. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for blessing me today.

  3. As I sit here with warm tears streaming…. that just blessed my socks off. Praise the LORD. Thank You Lord for using Cindy, Chris and their friend to create this worship video.

  4. That was beautiful…He needs room and since the kiddos have gone back to school, there is a little more room around here for Him to move in the quietness of my day. 🙂
    BTW, great word this morning at Just One!

  5. WOW!!! That was amazing. So pure and simple… I have been reading your blog for a few months now, but this is the first time i commented. I love how real you are. I can relate on so many levels . 🙂

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