If I Was Sending Out A Christmas Card, This Is What You Might See


After seeing this adorable picture of my family and sharing a fair amount of your ooo’s and ahh’s and even a my how those boys have grown comment, you might go on to read a few things that our family did in 2008.

You’d learn that after two moves and a rent house, we moved into our new home on Valentine’s Day.  And that we are now country folk and don’t even think about goin’ into town without checkin’ with the neighbors to see if they need anything.  Cuz we’re neighborly like that.

You’d learn that Chris’ job hasn’t changed and that he continues to work for the greatest church in the world.  You’d also learn that he can drive himself a zero turn lawn mower like nobody’s business.  He has single-handedly brought sexy back in our subdivision because of that.

You’d learn that Cindy still works from home for this company and spends a lot of time writing on this here blog.  You’d also learn that every three months WITHOUT FAIL she goes to her hairdresser and pays to be blonde.  Oh, yes ma’am.

You’d learn that Noah is in 4th grade and now has the intelligence and wit to carry on conversations with grown-ups.  You’d also learn that his favorite past time is running outside in the yard pasture tippin’ cows.  Oh, I kid.  We don’t have a pasture or cows but he has been known to sneak over the barbed wire fence on our back property line.

You’d learn that Jack came to spend five weeks with us this past summer and that he loved every minute of it.  You’d also learn that this first grader is as sweet as ever with his adorable southern accent.

Finally, you’d learn that Seth is, well, Seth.  He is absolutely the cutest, toe-headed child I’ve ever seen who must have his morning coffee, aka apple juice, in order to function.  You’d also learn that he is fightin’ me tooth and nail to no longer sit in a booster seat because he is almost five.  

I could tell you how God has moved in our lives and how we continue to experience his blessings, with occasional setbacks.  I could tell you that we’ve been able to use our story to impact others because God never wastes a hurt.  I could tell you that we are more in love now than we were when we first met.  But, I do that pretty much every day on this here blog.

So, really, besides moving into our new home and learning how to be country folk, not much has happened.  And the main reason I wrote this post is because I wanted to show the picture off of the family that has blessed my socks off. 

Consider yourselves informed 🙂

20 thoughts on “If I Was Sending Out A Christmas Card, This Is What You Might See”

  1. Ahhh, the booster seat discussion. I’m already having that and Reese is only 4. I am still mostly making Reia use one….and she is 7. I know, paranoid. I want her little bones to stay in the pcs they are supposed to if something were to happen.

  2. Your family is beautiful. You’re right…God never wastes a hurt. Thank you for letting Him use yours to bless me.

  3. I am claiming it right now — I am stealing your Christmas card as a blog post idea. That was entirely too cute and still an option for me three days before Christmas. (I never make real cards in time…)

    You bless my socks off. I love you and your family. Merry Christmas, sweet friend.

  4. If I had gotten this as a Christmas card… it would have made my top three (which I pick out every year…). What an awesome photo of your family… and such a well written letter. Merry Christmas.

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