I Won’t Be Steppin’ In A Church Anytime Soon

I’m writing today to those of you who have been burned by “the church” at some point in your life.  And what I want to say is I’m sorry. Because I am the Church. While I have never intended to bring harm or pain to another, I imagine I have.  I imagine there is someone who thinks I did them wrong at some point.  They might even hold a grudge and have now chosen to leave the church all together because of something I did. But if I could say one thing to you, I would say that no one is perfect.  I don’t mean that as a cop out by any means.  The reason I say it is because it’s true. Yes, I believe that my husband and I have been called into full-time vocational ministry.  With that calling comes a great responsibility that we respect.  But, we are still flawed.  Still imperfect.  Still seeking God. I will still lose my temper with my children. I will still pass judgment on someone. I will still gossip. I will still act in ways that are not Christlike. These acts are not something I plan.  Quite the contrary.  I actually strive NOT to do them, but still do on a daily basis. And I hate that. While there are many men and women in the Church who have impure hearts and motives, most of them just want to serve Jesus.  And they are doing it to the very best of their human abilities. So please forgive them.  And forgive me. And turn back to the One True God who will never let you down.

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  1. Recently one of our pastors has really been “down on the church” and it’s upset me. I like this post. I think we forget that God made up the church of sinful humans, not yet perfect and yet people expect us to be perfect. I know I’ve done my share of hurting in the past and had to go back and seek forgiveness. I just pray that those I hurt accept it and not let my imperfections keep them from seeing Jesus’ perfectness.

  2. Hi Cindy! I’ve been reading some of your posts lately…been encouraged, inspired & blessed. Thanks for being transparent & willing to impart wisdom- God’s using you to speak to my heart & lift my spirit!

  3. Hi Cindy
    Yes it is true we that are called into full time ministry are not perfect, yet we are willing to stay the course. Thank You that.

  4. Bless U Cindy;
    I ministered to a younger woman one day who was moving
    to the next state because the women in a church hurt her
    so deeply. As she told me her story, I just listened. I got
    on my knees in front to her as tears rolled down my cheeks, I said to her, “Honey, will you please forgive us. I am so sorry we hurt you. I ask you to forgive us for not being considerate of your place in life at this time. Forgive us for not showing you the Love of Jesus.” She looked at me, and said, “Yes, of course, Yes, I forgive you.” We hugged, she left the church and went on her way. Six months later she is back. Wanted to tell me that the way I prayed for her and ministered forgiveness to her broke that lie in her life and she was so totally healed of the hurt!” Amen and Amen. Thanks Cindy, we are the church
    and we do forgive.

  5. Thank you Cindy for writing this for the church to see. My husband and I are in ministry and we have witnessed so much hurt to the wounded by the church it has really lift a bad taste in my mouth. Nevertheless, God who forgive me when I fall short tells me in is word to forgive others. As the church, we must not be so caught up in ourselves that we don’t let the love of Christ Jesus be seen through us. I was so blessed by Ayls comment it truly blessed me.

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