I Wonder Who He Will Become

img_0444 It’s referred to as organized sports.  But I assure you that five and six year olds playing Tball is anything but that.  I wonder when he’ll grow into his size and his coordination will kick in. At night when I tuck him in, he kisses me the best and sloppiest kiss ever and tells me “You are beautiful and gorgeous”.  He  wants to marry me, he says.  I wonder who the young woman is who will steal his heart away from me. When things don’t go his way, and they often don’t, his temper flares, the vein on his necks pops out, his lower lip begins to quiver as he fights back the tears and then, he follows that up by screaming at the top of his lungs.  I wonder when he will learn how to control his temper and allow his passion to help him pursue the things God has called him to. He runs around the neighborhood with nothing but shorts on during the carefree summer days.  His olive-toned skin is a golden bronze from the rays of the sun and his hair gets whiter by the hour.  I wonder if his hair will turn darker like his Daddy’s has and what he will look like as a grown man. I wonder who he will become.

9 thoughts on “I Wonder Who He Will Become”

  1. Such sweet memories. Cherish them. I love our t-ball memories. Adam wore his shirt backwards so that he could see his name. At 15, I still get a “love ya” every now and then, but I miss those special moments when they are young and don’t mind climbing in your lap or being seen with you. She’ll never really steal him from you…mothers hold a special place in a boy’s heart all their lives.

  2. My adorable red-headed son is 26 yrs old and just got married June 6. It’s been said before…but it seems like just yesterday he was playing little league baseball and playing in the backyard. My son and his beautiful bride live in another state…so it was 1 month after their wedding when I truly spent time with them as husband and wife. I was struck with the thought…he now has his own family…we are now his extended family!!! WOW…I was very emotional after they left!! He’s no longer “ours” but he’s now “hers”. My husband reminded me…this is what we prayed for…a godly wife who loves him unconditionally and the 2 of them can now serve Jesus together. The releasing is hard…but oh so necessary and a blessing!! Enjoy and treasure your little boys!!

  3. There were tears running down my cheeks as I read this.
    He’s so precious! You’re a great Mom -can’t wait to see you all. Treasure these days-

  4. I wonder that ALL THE TIME about my girls…what will they become? What trials will the Lord use to conform them to His likeness? What victories will they have that bring Him glory? Who and where is the sweet boy that will grow to be their husband and what is God’s calling on HIS life? UGH…enough to make a mommy’s heart cry! What an honor and responsiblity we have!

  5. He will grow into the man of God he’s meant to be, because he has two loving parents who are intentionally directing his young heart. Your investment will pay back more than you can imagine! I’m enjoying watching and praying from the sidelines.

    Keep up the GREAT work! Love you all.

  6. I had the chance over the weekend with my daughter to hold her while she fell asleep. I haven’t had the chance to do that to often since the days I’d rock her to sleep. They are memories that I cherish. I also had the question and thought of when she grows up… who will she be. But for those moments that I held her, and smelled the sweet smell of my toddler (sunshine and giggles) I just breathed in the innocence of her and thanked God for her for the time that I have with her.

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