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I Washed My Car In The Rain

Because it was filthy, y’all. Over the last several weeks Oklahoma has been hammered by abnormal amounts of snowfall.  We are used to a couple of mild winter storms every year but this?  This has been craziness. And the reason I washed my car in the rain that day was because it needed to be clean.  I could have waited for the next sunny day to come so that I wouldn’t look so idiotic, but by the way our weather systems have been going lately, only the good Lord above knows when that will happen.  Plus, everybody and their mother would be at the car wash and while I am an extrovert, that would have been a little too much for my patience level. What? There are times when I don’t want to clean things because they’ll just get dirty again.  Like dishes.  Or clothes.  Or floors, mercy and grace the floors.  Can you imagine how dirty my hardwood floors are with my boys and all of the neighbor kids running amuck in my house? Because they do run amuck. I suppose dirt isn’t such a bad thing.  It means activity.  It means that hard work has been completed.  It means that you get to take a nice long shower and have that clean feel afterwards where you go and sit and enjoy being clean. Because you were dirty. Just thinking out loud.

5 thoughts on “I Washed My Car In The Rain”

  1. Hahaha!!! I did the same thing for the same reasons last week! I got on snow pants and a heavy coat, a bucket of really hot water and sponges, and scrubbed away! It didn’t come out perfect, but I got the worst off before the water got through my snow things.

  2. I took my car to the car wash last week. It was 30 degrees and my hubby assured me it wouldn’t freeze. It didn’t. And then we got a bunch of snow again…and now it’s as dirty as it was last week. Wow – am I glad that the blood of the Lamb continues to cleanse me…even though He and I both know I will get dirty again!!!

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