I Was Forked In Broad Daylight

Sure was. And I’ll forever be scarred by it. There is a video that you may want to check out on my ex-friend’s, Natalie and Kim, blogs.  This will show the acts that occurred one late afternoon while my husband and I were at camp bonding with our oldest son, in the name of Jesus.  All the white, vandalism and littering was occurring at the home.   It ain’t right, folks. But, here’s the kicker in all of this.   I beat them at their own game! I did! They expected me to blog about being forked and while the thought did indeed cross my mind, I decided that whoever did it expected me to blog about it and I wanted to change their expectations and even drive them up the proverbial wall without meeting their expectations. Natalie and Kim?  I always win. Always. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha. I do love you two gals to pieces.  All in good fun.    But you better believe that I did save a few forks for you two when we get together at my house TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY.  Theresa will not have to use one.

17 thoughts on “I Was Forked In Broad Daylight”

  1. At least you didn’t have anything embarrassing in your backyard. Like…well, I can’t really think of anything embarrassing you would have in your backyard, but you didn’t have it. Good job.

  2. Cindy…I could totally see Natalie and Tracy twisting Kim’s arm to do this horrible devastating task. Did you also see Kid Three and Monkey assisting with the Framing of Kim?

    That is so amazing how in this day and age such an intelligent and beautiful woman could be taken advantage of sooooo recklessly!

    I really think that we need to start a prayer vigil for her and pray that we can get her released from the cult of Vimeo.

    Shame on you Natalie for Framing Kim. Wait I bet Natalie was framed too!!!!

  3. Cindy, I am expert roller. My girlfriend, Sharon, even had business cards made for TP’ing back in our day. If I need to recruit my old team….and boy, were we a team, to assist in any juvenile activities, I’m here for ya.

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