I Touched The Page Where He Signed His Name

I recently borrowed the book Axiom by Bill Hybels from a good friend of mine. I don’t know how you read books, but I literally read them cover to cover.  I start on the back cover and read the snip-its and testimonials.  I then move toward the front cover and inspect it carefully.  Upon opening the book, I see what the inside cover has to say and then make my way to the back inside cover to read about the author.  Once all of those things are complete, I start at the beginning.  Title page, copyright information, dedication page, table of contents, foreword and then the introduction. See?  I told y’all I read it from cover to cover. As I was in this process, something really cool happened.  I saw his handwriting because he wrote a personal note to my friend.  Bill Hybels.  Only the most influential pastor to church leaders our world has ever seen. And I touched it.  Hoping I could feel it’s raised letters but instead realized that the ink just merely soaked into the page.  I almost feel teenagerish writing this.  Yes, I have Mr. Hybels on a pedastal.  There, I admit it.  But, quite frankly, I think he’s earned it. Just like the 78-year old Sunday School teacher, the gray-haired lady making hospital visits who can barely move herself and the elderly gentleman who encourages teenagers each week by sending them notes in the mail.  Shouldn’t we all deem Pastor Hybels and others worthy of respect after all they have done?  After all of the sacrifices they’ve made?  After all of the years they’ve served their Heavenly Father? I admire Pastor Hybels so much because after hearing him speak in person last year, I realized that his love for His Savior was still very evident in his life.  No matter how many people he’s led, sermons he’s given, books he’s written.  He loves his Jesus and he loves the people of Jesus. I want to follow Jesus like that.

2 thoughts on “I Touched The Page Where He Signed His Name”

  1. How’s it going??? I am catching up on blog reading cuz I took a sort of unplanned blogabattical in June and I am laughing cuz you did too! Course yours was planned, like the organized on top of things gal that you are, but it makes me feel better knowing mine wasn’t the only lonely blog.

    Good to be back at Cindy Beall dot com. Miss you friend.

  2. Praise God. I am so bless to have a pastor who loves God and humbly expresses his love. It is great to follow a pastor who follows Christ.

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