I Tip My Hat To You

If you have been reading my writings for any length of time, you know that I am passionate about marriages because of the catastrophic blow that hit mine back in 2002.  I often warn my married readers about the dangers of relationships with the opposite sex or thinking that another relationship would solve all of your marital woes.  I’ve talked about putting your spouse above your own needs and have told alla y’all a million times or more that we are all prone to fall and but for the grace of God and some self-control exhibited, many haven’t. But not today. Today is a day where I will do what I believe God has created me to do best. Encourage. Many of you have stayed true to the spouse God has given you despite the storms you’ve weathered.  When your spouse was sick and you were the caretaker, housekeeper, nanny and breadwinner, you stayed put.  You didn’t allow your eyes to wander and when your heart started to imagine what life would be like with a different spouse, you took those thoughts captive and trusted that God was there…is there guiding you as you trust in Him. There are those of you who never thought you’d find yourself in a compromising situation, but you did.  You never planned on talking to someone other than your spouse, but you did.  But, when the opportunity actually arose for you to forsake your marriage vows, you didn’t.  You considered the cost, weighed the outcomes and decided that a few thrilling minutes weren’t worth breaking the heart of the one you truly love.  The God you truly love. Because in this day and age where marriages are ending on a daily basis, you are still married to the one you made a covenant to.  You may have wanted to throw in the proverbial towel and get a newer model, but you didn’t.  Just the sheer fact that you have been faithful to your spouse is proof that miracles still exist, still happen.  Because with sin and deception crouching behind every corner waiting to pounce on you, it is an absolute astounding fact that you have not forsaken your marriage vows. And there is just one thing I’d like to say to you. Well done, my friends. Well done.

5 thoughts on “I Tip My Hat To You”

  1. Amen. Sometimes we focus on just the restored marriages but I am with you that those who have sustained marriage over time are deserving of our praise!
    So another amen to those who are committed!

  2. Amen, Cindy Beall, Amen. That is my testimony that inspite of what I go through in my marriage, the waiting for him to be saved, the spiritual battle – I’m still here. Still fighting for our marriage. Still hoping, still praying.

    Thank you.

  3. I’ll take that hat-tipping. all that you said and more is me. It is a miracle. Satan has tried and tried, though.

    20 years, thank you!

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