I Think I’ve Figured Out Grace

Alert the presses. I highly doubt I’ve figured it out 100% but while reading a book on grace yesterday, I did get one of those light bulb coming on kind of moments. And I got wide-eyed, felt my heart rate increase and started to get some goose bumps. Because I like the light bulb coming on kind of moments. I’m making major attempts not to squander all of the “sitting” time I have from my recent injury. I’m reading the Bible more and reading some other books that are challenging me. In the book, In The Grip of Grace, by Max Lucado, he writes about, well, grace. I’d like to give you an excerpt from Lucado’s book because I will most certainly mess up the beauty of his words if I try to summarize. Here you go:
Content. That’s the word. A state of heart in which you’d be at peace if God gave you nothing more than He already has. Test yourself with this question: What if God’s only gift to you were his grace to save you? Would you be content? You beg him to save the life of your child. You plead with him to keep your business afloat. You implore him to remove the cancer from your body. What if his answer is, “My grace is enough.” Would you be content? You see, from heaven’s perspective, grace is enough. If God did nothing more than save us from hell, could anyone complain? If God saved our souls and then left us to spend out lives leprosy-struck on a deserted island, would He be unjust? Having been given eternal life, dare we grumble at an aching body? Having been given heavenly riches, dare we bemoan earthly poverty? Let me be quick to add, God has not left you with “just salvation”. If you have eyes to read these words, hands to hold this book, the means to own this volume, He has already given you grace upon grace.
After reading this portion from his book, I found myself experiencing some serious dissonance. Musically speaking, dissonance is a clashing or unresolved musical interval or chord. Anyone with any musical background knows that waiting for that note to descend is not that pleasant. But, the moment that note drops even just a half step, all is right in music land. I do want more. I do want to enjoy a trip to DisneyWorld with my family. I do want my children to be healed if they get sick. I do want my life to make a difference. I do want to see my sons make a difference in this world for Christ one day. I do want to see those dear to me come to a saving relationship with my Savior. And yes, all of those things are good. They are. There is nothing wrong with those desires. But… If God gave me nothing more than He already has, is it enough? So, I’m waiting for that note to change. But I’m the one who has to change it.

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  1. Silly rabbit. It’s never been about what you have. Or as your God might say; “now that I have your attention” (grin)
    What? As someone I know would say: “I’m just sayin”…

  2. If God gave me nothing more than He already has, is it enough?

    This sentence of yours Cindy is really stirring me.

    excuse me while I go chew on it for awhile. 🙂

  3. Dang! That is some good stuff and just what I needed to hear this morning! Thanks for sharing! I have actually had that book on my bookshelf for going on 8 years now and have for some reason been reluctant to read it. But I think that time is here! Thanks for allowing Him to speak through you!

  4. i was just asking God why He doesn’t answer prayers the way i pray them – ie marriage problems, people coming to salvation because i believe they are good things that should happen.
    He reminded me “He is still good” even when the opposite of what i ask for happens – and this just confirmed with me what he reminded me of – that His grace is all is enough-thank you

  5. Wow. I’m getting that book today. A couple of days ago, I was driving and felt God tugging on me to just be with Him. Not ask for things, although He freely gives them. Just be with Him. Because He is enough. It will certainly be a blog next week. And, this blog, my friend, gave me that goose bump feeling I get when I have one of those sweet experiences with God. Thank you for listening to Him.

  6. Great post Cindy.

    God says “my grace is sufficient.” Those are difficult words to understand in a state of natural-ness but in the spirit we recognize how much God loved us to give His only begotten Son that we may have everlasting life and how truly that in itself is enough for me to praise and worship Him. In comparison to His sacrifice, my problems and storms seem pale. However, when we’re faced with those problems and storms, our perspectives sometimes become skewed and we focus on the storm more than the ultimate truth which is we’re going to Heaven and it’s all because of His grace.

    What helps me is to recognize that even though salvation could be the only gift God gives me and I would be satisfied, He is a God that goes above and beyond that. He does answer prayer. He does provide our needs according to His riches in Heaven. He does heal, deliver, redeem, restore and save. Glory to God! He is faithful to exceed our expectations of Him in one situation after the other. True we have to learn how to pray for those things according to His will but righteousness, self-control, meekness, gentleness, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness–against such there is no law–and we all desire for those things in our life situations.

    Love and blessings!

  7. just yesterday God and I had that discussion. in a bible study i did a few years ago, the question was asked “if everything/everyone you have was taken away, would God be enough”. i always had to answer that honestly with a “no”. back to yesterday, God asked me that question again and i believe my answer now is “yes God is enough”. everything/everyone else can be gone in an instant – God’s grace is amazing and i know i have taken it for granted.

  8. Ooh! misti! That is so so worthy! Is that not the human condition question of the ages, or what! “i was just asking God why He doesn’t answer prayers the way i pray them”. Dang I wish I’d said that! (grin)

  9. That was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes…and don’t just mean what Max wrote! I mean what YOU wrote. It’s truly beautiful and well…beautifully true.

  10. Hi Cindy

    I wanted to read this post again because I just started the book. I’m only in the first section, third chapter but my, is it speaking to me and helping me grow in my understanding of grace! I will be posting on it frequently and hope that you stop by to give your input.

    Love and blessings!

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