I Think I Need Some Lessons From June Cleaver

My oldest son and I love to talk.  Well, he talks and I usually listen.  Because when I begin to talk and try to share life lessons with him, he’s all, “Okay, mom, right, I know, okay?” Of course he does.  He’s 9. Moving on. When we are in the car together going to the store or to school, I usually leave the radio off.  It gives him an opportunity to talk because he is a thinker who feels deep and when he thinks and feels, he talks.  And folks, I don’t want to miss it.  No I certainly do not. In a recent car ride to the store, our conversation went a little something like this:
Noah:  Mom, do you like making our family happy? Me:  Yeah, I sure do. Noah:  Well, you don’t usually smile when you are cooking.  You just stir the food and look like this.  (He shows me the disgruntled face.) Me:  I see.  Would you like for me to cook with this cheesy grin on my face?  (Showing him my cheesy grin.) Noah:  (Laughing)  No!  I just mean that you could maybe look like this, ya know, that shows you are not mad.  (He shows me a more subdued smile that really says all is well in the world.) Me:  Well, I’ll see what I can do.
Anybody know if Leave It To Beaver is still on TV?  

25 thoughts on “I Think I Need Some Lessons From June Cleaver”

  1. My youngest daughter is very open and unafraid to say anything…which is usually alot! She will comment on the way I hold my head between my hands as a time when she is sure to include me in her prayers!!
    I love that our kids are observing and thinking about how we are…it used to scare me and make me feel alot of pressure. That’s why I am so very thankful for Jesus to fill in the gap of all my “non-smiling” moments!

    One of my favorite posts to date! Thank you Noah (and his beautiful mommy!)

  2. I also have a 9 year old boy that loves to talk. My son sounds a lot like yours. He sometimes makes me exalted with all of the talk. After reading your post God has pricked my heart to listen more to him. I only have a short time left with him being a home. Thank you for sharing your life and family.

  3. Like you, Cindy, I really work the ministry of “being there” for my kids. There are nights when my 19-year old strolls into my room just as I’m turning down the bed; yet God gives me grace to face him with a smile, and listen attentively to every single word. Gotta keep those communication doors open, that relationship strong.

    But dang, they can really focus in on us when we least suspect it, can’t they? I think they just want to know that everything is alright – and mom is happy.

  4. Maybe it’s all about the wardwarbe. Maybe we need the flowery house dress and lacey apron to naturally make us smile.


    That would not work for me.

    Too used to 100% cotton at this point.

    OK, on serious note, I think the point about getting in the moment is key. I turn distractions off, which for me means anything electronic.

    Good thoughts and point.

    Your boys sounds bright and sharp as a tack. He has a great mommy too!

  5. What are you people talking about? I always cook my meals in beautiful dresses, lacy aprons, jewelry, high heels and a big smile plastered on my face. I never have the tv on, two little three year old girls running through the kitchen, and spaghetti sauce splattered on my shirt. Nope, never. =)

  6. Do you realize what a huge gift it is that you have given your children to be able to talk to you like this?


    And then it makes for great blogging material too, which is an awesome bonus.

  7. hmph.


    Being a mommy who works an awful lot on her computer, I’m afraid I certainly haven’t listened enough when my 8yo, says “do you have to STILL be on there?”

    time to get off…


  8. Lovin’ it…

    my 11yo son, Caleb, is just like that. He knows he can say whatever he’s feeling to me and that I’ll listen and hopefully, if I’m smart, I’ll refrain from lecturin’ (right then, anyway)…

    Like yesterday, when he said, ‘Mom, I think you and Kaitlyn (one of his three sisters) are bi-polar.’

    ‘Whuuuu?’, I said.

    ‘You know’, he said, ‘those commercials said if you’re up one minute and down the next…you just might be.’

    ‘Honey, that’s called hormones…you’ll need to get used to em with 4 girls in the house…maybe you and Dad can go on vacation once a month’.

    Oddly enough, Dad has mentioned that once or twice…

  9. wow. that’s huge that he could even share something that specific, that tangible, that you could do. i guess it’s more his ability to articulate what he needs that i’m in awe of.

    are you smiling more while you stir?

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