I Said “Yes” Again

I’ve said yes before, but I’ve said it about 18 more times in the last couple of weeks because I’m on a 30-day Say Yes To God journey with Kay Warren. (Well, it’s not like I’m sitting with her and having coffee or anything.) (But she is talking to me on video. That’s something.) The first time I told God yes I was eight years old. For the next eleven years I’d find myself taking that yes back every so often only to come back and give my yes to God again. At the age of 19, I said yes again after my dad passed away. “Life is too short” I said and I don’t know how many days I’ll have left to say yes to God, so I made some changes. I said yes again in 1996 when God called Chris and me into full-time ministry. I was as scared as I could be to say yes when I didn’t know what would be asked of me. But oddly enough, the moment I did…peace. Like a river, baby. Another yes came in 2002 when my world fell apart and I had no idea who to listen to or who to trust. God asked if I trusted Him and of course, I did so I said yes again. This past week God reminded me that sometimes my yes isn’t really a yes. It’s a partial yes, a conditional yes stating that I’ll follow and serve as long as He doesn’t lead me to this place or cause me to walk this path or allow one of my children to get hurt. He showed me that my partial yes wasn’t really a yes at all. This yes I am talking about is the kind of yes that doesn’t need to know the question. The kind of yes that says, “I don’t know the path you’ll lead me on, but I will take it.” It’s the kind of yes that surrenders all dreams, desires, plans, fears, relationships, destinations and plenty of other things. One might think that sort of surrender would bring sadness and even devastation. Not true. Peace comes when we are in the presence of God and when we surrender, when we say yes to Him, we replace our broken, fragile, warped wills with his perfect will. His will = peace. Period. But none of these yes answers can even happen until you’ve said yes to his salvation through Jesus Christ. Tell me, have you said yes to God? It’s time.

2 thoughts on “I Said “Yes” Again”

  1. Well said Cindy, well said. May we begin each day with a resounding “Yes” to our loving and gracious FATHER!! :o)

  2. I love when Kay spoke about how many of us view saying “yes” to God means that something bad is immediately going to happen. We have been so conditioned to not expect immediate health and wealth from surrender that we begin thinking the opposite will happen- immediate downfall and destruction. You’re right- PEACE is what we should expect! 🙂

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