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969-3421 September 25th 863-7973 636 A Mill Street $20,500 I don’t know why numbers come so easily to me. But they do. It’s almost as if my mind has taken a picture of a number and then when I need to recall it, I go back through my mental photo album and find it. I remember every phone number I’ve ever had. I remember every address I have had. I remember birthdays of my childhood friends…many of whom I have not seen since that day in May, 1989. I remember salaries of people I’ve paid in my bookkeeping business. I know, I know, I’m quite a catch. But I’m seriously taken. What about you? Do you have a memory that works overtime on certain things?

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  1. You’ve just described my mother perfectly…except, she remembers friends’ anniversaries, too. I’m not a numbers girl, but I can cite all of the presidents. Sexy, I know.

  2. faces, not names.
    failures, not successes.

    and you know, i wish i could just remember the chords to songs so i wouldn’t have to have the dang music stand hiding me from our congregation.

  3. I used to be really good at this…Ive lost it a bit since the 4 pregnancies and all…and then add a little low thyroid for 5 years and Sheesh! I cant remember anything!

    But I take my fish oil now…so maybe there is hope. 🙂

    With my first daughter though my doctor wanted to induce me on the April 9th. I said, ‘Um. Thats not going to work. Thats my my best friend’s high school boyfriend”s birthday.”

    He said, ” OK. Is there a problem with the 8th?”

    The 8th was my aunt and uncles anniversary, but I didn’t want to be difficult. 😉

  4. I can remember where passages in the Bible are by where they are located on the page. However, if you give me a different Bible, it’s like lookin’ at Greek. (little pun there)

    That’s what I could do with music too. I could see it on the page and remember what to play. Weeeeiiirrrd

  5. this is about numbers- i see numbers in color – i can actually feel a number – i know it is strange but it has been this way as long as i can remeber – my husband looked at me so crazy – but i feel even and odd numbers ( even is warm odd is cold ) and then see the number in certain colors – i e 2 is warm red 3 is ice blue – i have meet one other person like this – a 7 year old i beby sat one summer – so he and i had our own language when it came to numbers !!

  6. Yep… I still remember the bun that my first grade teacher had and her smell of blossoms.. and her secret peanut butter and honey sandwhiches on wonder bread…

    Seems like only yesterday…

    What happened yesterday? hmmmmmmmmmmm…thinkin

  7. Songs. I still remember the theme from BJ and the Bear back from the very early 80s when I first started playing the piano 🙂

    (I think I may have revealed my age now!)

  8. Oh my word! I do the exact same thing! Although I keep trying to figure out why God gave that gift.
    Its not just numbers. I can remember people, events, many other details….its scary.
    On the other hand remember “book” knowledge is another thing.

  9. Wow Cindy it is great to know that someone else is just like me! I can still remember bank account numbers, phone numbers, addresses, old friends birthday’s and the other kicker…I worked in banking for 15 years…I can still remember account numbers from those that I waited on all the time. It is so bizarre!!! I have been told I have a photographic memory but to me I can ‘hear’ the number such as a customer telling me their account number….I can ‘hear’ the customer saying it when I think on it hard enough. But I do ‘see’ pages of words or can look off into space and recall portions of things I have read. Wished I would have developed this gift when I was in school!!!!

  10. It’s songs for me. I can remember the artist, song title, sometimes album, sometimes year recorded of nearly every song I hear. It’s sick. I wish I didn’t remember that info so I could have more useful knowledge stored up!

  11. I remember smells…i have a good nose/brain connection i guess. When i recall memories, there are always smells associated with the memory…the smell of the room, the outdoors, some of the people might stand out with a specific perfume or shampoo smell. So yep, i have a good nose. 🙂

  12. I can remember birthdates & phone numbers from years ago too. But mostly I remember faces & names I’ll wave at someone and imidately feel the need to explain who I am so they don’t think who was that crazy person and why does she know who I am, or some & most of the time I just don’t say anything except to my husband ‘her name is Michelle we went to grade school together’ yada yada yada

  13. My husband has this gift…and I tell him he needs medication for this disease! 🙂 Seriously…I can ask him anybody’s phone number that we’ve ever known and somehow…from somewhere he’ll pull out the number! He also can remember baseball players batting averages and pitchers ERA’s…it’s definitely a sickness!! Our kids & I call him “Rainman”! We love anyways!!!!

  14. i have an uncanny ability to estimate time. Like i can tell you its 2:55 when i haven’t seen a clock in hours. really. its wierd. its my only talent.

    i can say that I will be home in 8 minutes and its comes true. my husband just laughs at me. only because he can’t estimate time to save his life. i’ll be home in 15 means “keep my plate warm, i haven’t left yet”

  15. I sometimes have middle, mid-high and high school locker combinations that pop into my mind. Then I sometimes dream about those numbers and wake up in a panic attack b/c I can’t remember the combination to my locker and I can’t get my books out, and LORDY I might be tardy to class……Type A personality much, jeesh!

  16. I have a friend like that. She can remember all those important numbers and the unimportant ones, too.

    I on the other hand can’t remember what I … what was I saying??? After 4 kids in 5 years, i have no memory… they had better be smart kids!!

  17. I always remember exactly what people were wearing in most of my memories. I will remember the outfit first, and then the important stuff. I also remember the lyrics to almost every song imaginable. My friends will change the radio station, and I will just sing along to every song. They will say, “Is there a song you don’t know?”

  18. Um, I can quote the prologue to the Canterbury Tales in OLD ENGLISH. My teacher was right; we would never forget it.

  19. I freaked out a friend once when I said at dinner (over hot wings and bleu cheese), “Hey, look, celery! Your favorite vegetable.” Don’t know WHY I remembered that.

    I am also a birthday rememberer. Big time.

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