I Praise You Because…

In the past when I’ve prayed with people, sometimes we do something simple.  One of the things I love is to just say why I love and adore my Heavenly Father. Let’s do that today, shall we? He is SO good and SO worthy of all our praise. I’ll go first…
Lord, I praise you because you are my redeemer.
Your turn.

8 thoughts on “I Praise You Because…”

  1. I praise God because He is my Healer. He is way bigger than stage 4 breast cancer because He is a stage 5 trillion God! He sent us His Word as His Prescription because it never returns back to Him void.

  2. I praise God for not turning his back on me when i came back to him, even though thats exactly what I did to Him. Thank you God for being my sole comfort.

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