I Never Met A Brownie I Didn’t Like

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret about me. I like food. Most importantly, Mexican food. Heck, you could drip salsa through an IV to me and I bet my cholesterol would drop another twenty points. No kiddin’. Just ask my momma. Next to Mexican food, I love sweets. Cookies are delish. Brownies are to die for. Homemade chocolate cakes are hello, fabulous. Just give me some milk from Braum’s and put me down. Glory to God. My good friend, Robin, was telling me recently how she went about losing some weight. She basically quit eating stuff that was white. And I’m PRIH-tee sure that included sugar. The jury is still out as to whether or not I can go there yet. I mean, it’s sugar, y’all. SUGAR, for the love. Do you have a favorite sweet?

32 thoughts on “I Never Met A Brownie I Didn’t Like”

  1. braums… oh, how i love a brownie fudge sundae from braums. to die for. i haven’t lived in texas for 6 years so everytime we go back i have one. i figure the sacrifice of living outside the lone star state is enough to earn me this little bit of heaven.

    give up everything white?? not sure i could do that. flour tortillas? sugar? i feel a tic coming on just thinking about it!!

    but might i suggest body for life?? it worked well for me. at least until i decided i didn’t really want that new and improved body for life.

  2. Dark chocolate. Love it. As for the diet, I did the eating nothing white diet once – and will still resort to it on occasion after I eat chips and queso for 14 days straight. No flour. No sugar. I buy the Ezekiel bread (frozen) instead of regular whole grain or wheat. I use Splenda. Eventually, the sugar cravings go away. I really hate having to give up foods I love, though.

  3. haha—I linked to you today too!

    I said “white” —not giving up sweets! ; ) How I love Splenda. It works in tea, coffee, and even in baked items. Anyone really interested in losing weight—check out Weight Watchers (I used the core program). Works GREAT!

    Eat some Mexican for me! (oh—and just a little honey on those sopapillas) ; )

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but I think it took this post about food to bring me to the comment box. Sad commentary on my motivation, methinks. But it seems very important to let you know that we share weaknesses.
    Cookies. Preferrable soft.
    German sheet cake (chocolate).
    And finally, I have been known to go face-down in a good salsa.

    Oh. my. lack-of-discipline.

  5. okay Cindy..

    If you are ever in San Diego.. I’m your girl

    I make the best Mango/tomato salsa that’s sweeeet and Spicy all in one bite!!!

    I’m married to a mexican, mexican food is a staple!!!
    My husband is the bomb with the food.

    Sweets…. nothing better than yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting, with an Iced milk. Yummo..

  6. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream from Braums and preferably in the form of a hot fudge sundae and I love anything with carmel in it..yumm yumm ok now I’m hungry

  7. I don’t eat much sweet but donuts, cakes and pies are my weekness.

    Have you guys been to El Parian for Mexican food? Just south of 2nd on Broadway in Edmond, really good

  8. seriously….for me it’s not the sweets..it’s the OTHER white food…bread and cheese….you know what else is there…???
    yeah, I guess pastry is bread…so there you have it…I’m hopeless….
    and don’t forget….that chocolate bar as big as my head on a bad day ain’t bad either!:)
    have a great weekend girl!

    oh, and I’d much prefer the brownie batter to the cooked version….hmmmmm, wonder what that says about me???LOL!


  9. I love vanilla ice cream.

    And tacos.

    Can of refried beans, chicken, cheese, corn tortillas (wheat sensitivity), some salsa and maybe even rice (if we’re going crazy)… all from Costco… lunch in just a few minutes.

    And tasty!


  10. My husbands family loves Mexican food. Becoming part of the family meant that I had to learn more authentic ways of Mexican cooking than opening up a can or box. Oh, but it is SOOOO good. I think I could eat it everyday! I need to by stock in tortillas…or learn how to make them…

    We have been trying to loose weight here in our house and I have been craving brownies this week like there is no tomorrow! Grrr! 🙂 I can’t have them in the house because they would be gone by the end of the day.

  11. Mmmm. mexican food. Huge weakness. We can usually be found at El Parian or Chelinos, if we have extra money to splurge with. (and it has to be a quiet time, since we require so many seats. Ha!)
    And I love chocolate, pretty much all of it. I crave it daily. The way I used to crave a smoke, its very bad!
    But we decided as of July 1st, we are getting healthy, so we’re using Anna’s diet as inspiration. Three of our kids need some extra motivation, so no junk at our house is they way we’re going, and we have lots and lots of fun activities planned, that includes walking places, biking, the park, dancing like crazy people in the living room, etc. And we’re buying new bikes!

  12. I’m a sucker for anything sweet…cookies and candy (especially sour stuff or fruit-flavored ones like skittles) being the worst. Oh, and cake, but I usually spend so much time decorating them that I sometimes get sick of cake. 😉

    I don’t know how much you cook (or like to cook), but I have an entire cookbook of “god food” recipes if you want to check it out. Pretty much outlaws white stuff.

    I’m not sure I could do it…so I just watch my portions. I’ve also been thinking of joining the Ragamuffin Club through my blog…need to look into that today. Eeek.

  13. I love french fries! Wait those aren’t a sweet….Hmmmm I guess I am the outcast. Can you all order some fries with your sweets then I can have em???

  14. At the risk of getting the weird stares.

    I don’t do this often, but in response to Theresa’s post…..

    Try dipping your french fries (one buy one of course) in your milk shake during hot summer days.

    I’m serious.

  15. golden oreos, natalie? really. strange. =)

    chocolate anything. and peanut butter with that. i got fat in college by putting real peanut butter in a bowl and topping it with chocolate soft serve. then i mixed it up. tasty holy goodness.

    do that 5 times a week and you will get fat. trust me.

    but i haven’t done that since then. now i just try to get by on fat free frozen yogurt. i don’t think you have Golden Spoon in Ok, but if you did, you’d be hooked!

  16. Well to pick one sweet? That is not fair! I’ll throw some dutch ones at you since Holland is dutch. I love Krakelingen and Banket at Christmas!
    In non-dutch fare I haven’t met a cheesecake I didn’t like 🙂 We have some chocolate covered pretzels from Harry & David in the fridge. That is the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

  17. Chocolate is not white. It is brown. Helllloooo?

    Don’t go off white, I am bringing a chocolate cake to your house in August that is going to rah-hawk your world.

  18. Do I have a favourite sweet?! Lori (Confessions of a pastor’s wife) Boucher makes THE best banana, chocolate chip muffin EVER. She’s my supplier – hooks me up every once in a while. She once sent 6 of them home with me. When I got up the next morning there was 1 left. Why? – 16 years old and cuz they’re THE BEST. 🙂

  19. I can lose all the weight I want AS LONG AS I don’t have a sheet cake in the house. Any flavor cake, any flavor icing (hold the coconut, though). Also I am addicted to iced vanilla lattes. I’ll betcha the sugar count in that is more than most desserts! Great post!!!! Love your style.

  20. my Granny’s homemade sour cream pound cake. oh girl.
    oh GURRRL!!! she mailed me one this week – fresh outta the oven. when i called her to say thank you, she told me not to eat all of it but to share it with drew because it would make me fat.

    how do i spell craziness? G-R-A-N-N-Y

    on another note. i invented my own homemade sweet salsa a few years ago. (am i old enough to be inventing recipes? am i old enough to be saying things like “a few years ago”???)

    i’m gonna share it with you today because i’m feeling chatty:

    The ingredients-
    • 28oz. can of Hunt’s petite diced tomatoes
    • Nellie and Joe’s Famous Key West Lime Juice (or your favorite brand)
    • Jalapeno Slices
    • 1 & 1/2 cups of fresh Cilantro leaves
    • Garlic Powder

    How to mix the salsa-
    • Put pulled leaves of cilantro into blender.
    • Add can of tomatoes.
    • Add 4 slices of jalapenos and 1/2-1 tsp. of jalapeno juice. (more or less, depending on your tastebuds!)
    • Add 1/4-3/8 cup of lime juice. (again, more or less, as you prefer)
    • Sprinkle 4 dashes of garlic powder.
    • Mix in blender for 2-5 seconds.

    no. i didn’t type it all out for you. my bff (who is anal as all get-out) made me measure EV-ER-Y-THANG recently. i don’t do recipes. i just throw it all in there.


  21. okay, so…. did you change your RSS feed address? my RSS reader hasn’t updated for you since June 2. i was beginning to wonder if you quit blogging. then i came here and see you’re still going strong. what the? i’ve missed a TON!!!

  22. Oh goodness, my husband caught on early in our relationship that there were two things that were guaranteed keys to my heart-coffee and ice cream. Give me some gooey, carmely, fudgey goodness and I’m bound to do anything you darn well please.

  23. We most definitely have this in common. It’s pretty hard for me to turn any kind of sweet down. Mainly cookies, brownies (have you tried the Garidelli (spelling?) brownies-they are the best!). But I must say Zach and I made some pretty delicious homemade banana ice cream yesterday..

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