I Love (the) Twitter And I Hate (the) Twitter

If you have no idea what “Twitter” is, allow me to explain. Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets.  And these tweets must be 140 characters or less. That’s right, you long-winded folks.  Less than 140 characters. You choose your Twitter name and put and @ sign in front of it.  I am @cindybeall. Original, huh? We professional “twitter-ers” have learned to replace words with signs like & for and.  We know that we can use the numbers 4 and 2 for the words for and to.  We know what hash marks are (#), what re-tweets are (RT), what Follow Fridays mean (FF) and how to make our cell phone ding when we get a direct message (DM). I love (the) Twitter because I know when @jenwined got a deal on the floors she’s putting in her new house.  I love (the) Twitter because I can keep up with @robinstorch and what stores she’s been shopping at that day.  I love (the) Twitter because I can keep us with friends without spending hours on the phone trying to catch up.  I love (the) Twitter because I have been blessed to “meet” some amazing people that otherwise might not have crossed my path like @loriwilhite, @pamcase and @brandiandboys.  I love (the) Twitter because I can get some deeply spiritual thoughts from pastors I follow like @stevenfurtick, @dinorizzo and @rickwarren. I hate (the) Twitter because of the self-pimping that goes on.  I hate (the) Twitter because of people who name drop when they are with popular people.  I hate (the) Twitter because some people re-tweet more than they tweet. I hate (the) Twitter because of how I feel when I see my followers decrease in number.  And I hate that I even care about the last one. Let’s be honest.  We know when we lose followers because the number goes down.  You go to bed one night with 186 followers and wake up with 183 followers. You find yourself thinking, “What?  What happened?  What’d I say?  Did I tweet too much about my kids poop?” In my opinion there are many more good things about (the) Twitter than bad.  So, instead of “throwing the baby out with the bath water”, I just ignore the stuff I don’t care for and enjoy it for the social networking tool it is. All you Twitter-ers out there, two things…what’s your favorite thing about it and what’s your Twitter “call sign”?

18 thoughts on “I Love (the) Twitter And I Hate (the) Twitter”

  1. I love that I can feel connected to “every day” stuff with my friends even tho I live in a different state.

  2. @robinstorch (I feel like I needed to start with breaker, breaker one nine) here and my favorite thing is keeping up with friends that live in other places. After you move that more intimate relationship disappears, but twitter allows me to stay connected without spending hours on the phone or email! And I can keep up with all of them at once.

  3. As a pastor and a biker, I have found Twitter great for connecting with people from both worlds. I recently did an 8000 mile road trip from Ottawa, Canada to San Diego, CA (and a bunch of places in between). During my trip, I met with many people with whom I had only a “twitter relationship”. Some were other church planters, some were unchurched bikers. With each, I felt a connection immediately because we had been sharing thoughts online for months prior to the meeting.

    So, I love (the) Twitter because of the possibilities found within the contacts I’ve made. And, I hate (the) Twitter for the same reasons you’ve suggested,

    Good post, Cindy.

    (Oh, and I just sent you a follow request – @robdale – so you should feel better because your count just went up by one!)

  4. I hate the tweeters selling something – porn, houses, spam and just follow EVERYONE….and I hate that I have to weed them out….

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE feeling connected with those that I love and see only once a week but when your tweet pops up, your face pops in my head and so I see you so much more than once a week! Its perfect.

    And for the record – @jenwined is not because I am a drunk – its a combo of the first part of my maiden/married last names….actually, it just works for me on so many levels 🙂

    And yes, it was a good deal on floors….

  5. I’m @ffahb. I love Twitter because it’s quick and easy. I hate it because it’s quick and easy. Lol. What I mean is, it’s so simple to post a short and to-the-point message that lets everyone know what you’re doing. But sometimes 140 characters just leave you wondering what’s really up. Sometimes I wish there was room for folks to be more “wordy”.

  6. Your mom’s comment is fuh-nee.

    @dustytakle loves (the) Twitter. Just think. I can twitter throughout my entire labor next March. 7 centimeters. ahhh, love that epidural. starting to push.

    Ya see? TMI?

    Naaa. That’ll be worth losing followers over.

  7. I like the opportunity to keep up with many of my friends back in Oklahoma. It is also a great way to keep up with my staff here at church. Not to mention it is a great blessing to be in the conversation without saying anything for all of us introverts. @jimmyk7

  8. I’m @mandiegirl and My fave thing is the quick advice you can get from others all over the place. Have a question about an upcoming purchase? Ask your ‘followers’ and you may get some great advice! 🙂 It’s a nice way to break up your work day a bit, too!

  9. Well said! I use Twitter because it’s just fun, really. Although I disklike some of the very things you mentioned. 🙂 My username is @maryjohess

  10. I l ove Twitter because when I’m in the kitchen it’s like my BSers are cooking (the) Kraft mac and cheese with me. I hate it because unless I am in the kitchen I have no idea what is going on since my phone is “less than desireable.”

    Your mom was hilarious.
    AND if Dusty really does tweet during labor, we’ll need to have an intervention.

  11. I love twitter because I feel connected to people I no longer live near (and people who live in my same town for that matter, but don’t have to call to find out what’s going on). I too have to try to not focus so much on who is following me and just be me! @vanebrown

  12. I love Twitter @alliewellington. I have met great people there. I also love your blog. I saw it in my streaming faith email this morn. Your writing style is intimate and captivating.

  13. you make me want to call it (the) twitter.

    and i was on the fence about it for a really long time, but eventually succumbed to (the) twitter a few months ago. i, too, have a lovehate relationship with it…

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