I Kicked The 10K’s Booty!

Barely. As you know, my training got “complicated” three weeks ago. I have pretty much spent the last two weeks resting my knee. So, when yesterday’s 2:00 race time came, I decided that I was going to go for it. So I did. I felt ready as I possibly could be. After much stretching, I surrendered the race to God and just asked for a pain-free race. I even had friends pray over me because I just wanted to run the race after all of the training I’ve put in. And God delivered!!! The race wasn’t easy by any means. The temperature was about 88 and even though the meteorologists from the OKC Metro called for severe winds, there were hardly any. Running in that heat with barely any wind was brutal. Plain brutal. My knee held up great! My right knee was the one giving me problems but around mile 5, I started feeling some discomfort in my left knee. CRAZY! However, I knew I could make the rest of the race. I started the race with two dear friends, Robin and Amy. We stayed together for the first mile or so but then ended up separating. I ran a majority of the 6.2 miles by myself. Alone with my thoughts. I wanted to give up because it wasn’t easy, but I’m pleased to say that God pulled me through. I ran the entire race! It feels so good to accomplish the goal of running a 10K. But now, I need to rest from running for a while. However, I won’t be resting from exercise. I’ve got a new plan that I will unveil to you all on April 18th. Sounds so mysterious, doesn’t it? Stay tuned! I’m convinced that you’ll want to join me!

6 thoughts on “I Kicked The 10K’s Booty!”

  1. Yay you!!!! That’s awesome! I know how frustrating a knee injury can be…take care of yourself 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I saw you guys out there and you’re right…it was brutal! Glad we all made it to the finish line 🙂

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