I Have The Cutest Journals, But Rarely Write In Them

I intend to, though. I really want to be a journal-er.  I have friends who write faithfully in them day after day after day.  One particular friend fills spiral notebooks that she finds on sale at Target for $.35!  I want to be like her. But, I’m not. And then recently, it dawned on me.  I do journal.  I just journal on my blog.  Because what you read here at is what is inside me.  Sometimes I write ridiculous stuff.  Sometimes I write pour out my heart stuff.  Sometimes I write break your heart stuff.  Sometimes I write I’m getting in your face stuff. The main thing is…I write. One day when I am gone from this earth and my children want to know more about me, they will have their mother’s heart in the written form. So, no matter how many readers I have, no matter how good my material is, no matter if I’m the last person who still blogs when it’s no longer cool to blog, I will write. For me. For you. But mostly, for them.

11 thoughts on “I Have The Cutest Journals, But Rarely Write In Them”

  1. prett sweet realization, huh?

    i have it in my head that if i could just get one of those nice Moleskine journals, i would be more consistent about putting thoughts (mine or others) to paper. 🙂

  2. I’m also in the group of, oh someday I’ll start journaling. I’ve wanted to start a prayer journal for a while now… but…. I carry around a notebook with me most Sunday AM’s to church to take notes druing the message, and everyonce in a while, I’ll write a prayer that pops in my head. But, one of the reasons I started my blog was to pull out the random ramblings in my head to share with others – and that has become my journal.

  3. amen sista! this was one of my realizations last week….that I do not like to Journal in a book but hello….I journal AND take pics for my blog…..for my family and my kids….I LOVE IT!

    keep writing!! you inspire me no matter what it is your blogging….THANKS!

  4. .35 where???

    I have boxes of spiral notebooks.
    But my journaling is mostly in my blog, my poetry on my blog.
    I call it saving trees.

    I love the fact that you write for your boys.. Hmmmm…

    beautiful and so true.

  5. Same here… someday I will give my writing to them. After they die of humiliation that I blogged about thier poop and booger problems, I believe they will thank me. (I imagine it a tearful, emotionally-charged hug, but a even a whispered “thanks mom” would last me awhile.)

  6. I’m always thinking about my youngins when I write, too. And, I’m much glad you write. It’s how I found you. Kind of feeling like I should make a song request with Casey Kasem now.

  7. My husband always wanted to be a journal-er. Then one day he realized that Jesus didn’t journal, and he kind of let himself off the hook. 🙂

  8. I have several nice journals, too, and used to write in them faithfully. Every now and then I’ll take one of them out and write in it, and even tell myself this is what I should be doing on a consistent basis.

    Like you, my journaling is taken care of by blogging now. I do enjoy writing in a journal, though. Just for grins, you might want to drop by and look at this blog post about writing in a journal.

    One thing I do know, and that is writing in a journal must be done with a fountain pen. I’m not sure if it’s legal to write in a journal with a ball-point or roller ball. There may be some discussion regarding that issue, though.

    Anyway, happy journaling.

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