I Have The Cleanest Rocks In The Neighborhood

The dryer was awfully noisy last night. When I put the boys clothes in the dryer from the washer, I didn’t know there were so many extras with them.  I soon found out that not only had I washed a sandwich baggie, a candy wrapper and a fruit snack package, but also one lone rock that I imagine was placed in a pocket as a treasure that was found. Sometimes I get annoyed at things like that. Sometimes I don’t. And this morning when I went to retrieve the laundered and dried little boy clothes, I saw the rock.  The little item that prevented sleep from gracing me for at least 15 minutes while I laid on my memory foam mattress next to a very heavy breather. The reason I didn’t get annoyed with this is because the empty-nester in me showed up again.  She visits regularly to give me perspective.  She tells me that it won’t always be like this and that I won’t always do their laundry and that I will actually miss the fact that I have cleaned more fruit snack packages than most moms. I don’t mind it when she appears.  She’s good for me.  She keeps me grounded about what to lose my cool over and what to let go. I’m curious:  Am I the only one who gets a visit of perspective like this?

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  1. My beautiful, strong son, Andrew (12 yrs), went to heaven 8 weeks ago today. He battled brain cancer for 4 1/2 months then the battle ended. Now my battle continues. One of the things I miss is folding his clothes.
    You are right to let the rocks in the dryer go…
    Melanie Dorsey

  2. Cindy, your post makes me giggle. I most often find Legos. I’m ok with it too. Not because I’m some great mom, it is because I love Legos too. I am glad that they enjoy them but they are everywhere. They usually line the stairs, their bathtub, my bathtub, the kitchen bar, the door frames, sometimes even my plants! They get scolded some, some are thrown away but mostly they make me smile. They remind me that my kids are having fun and being creative in lots of places. I’m blessed to have so many amazing kids. (whether they play with Legos anymore or not!)

    thanks for sharing. you blessed me today with your sweetness of heart.

  3. Nope. I get visits from her too. Especially when my patience is wearing thin because my three year old has decided, one more time, to do dance on the coffee table or write on the couch. Or my 13 – soon to be 14 year old – is an emotional wreck and my day has been so tiring that I feel myself getting ready to snap.

    She nudges me on the shoulder in those times and says the exact same things to me (well, I have girls, so it’s not wrappers and rocks in the dryer, but you get me! ;o)).

    Sometimes I listen to her. But sadly, sometimes I don’t.

    I think of the Trace Adkins song (love me some country music) “You’re Gonna Miss This”.

  4. She visits me too! And usually she scrolls to Trace Adkins’ “You’re Gonna Miss This” on my iPod and sits there and watches me bawl my eyes out. Tell her I’ve been needing a visit from her and to stop by later today. I’m going to go love on my kiddos now…

  5. Cindy, you are truly not the only Mom who feels this. It is strange how sometimes we feel it and other times we don’t. It’s easier for me to feel sentimental when they’re asleep or at school. That’s just how it works for me.
    You find rocks in your dryer and I find ‘My little Pony’s’ and Barbie shoes.

  6. Hopey LUVS Rocks! I have washed a Quarry. 😉 This too is actually something I laugh about. She has a collection. She can name where she got them and will tell me all about the day she found it. The converstion usually starts with….,Come on Mom don’t you remember when we……

    I miss her even though she is still here. Ryan is 7 days away from 17. I miss him already too.

  7. Thank you for that perspective! I know that someday, I will truly miss picking up toys that are scattered all over the house! And folding those tiny little socks that seem to never get clean! My mother in law helps me with my perspective, because she is so joyful to do all of those things with my kids, because she knows how it is when they are gone!

  8. When I read Melanie’s comment, I am grateful for rocks in my dryer and messes that are made by my children. I don’t always feel this way, but today I truly do. Thank you, Melanie, for sharing and reminding me to cherish every moment, good or bad, with my loved ones.

  9. CINDYYYYYYYYY GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I read the devotional after I had read the scripture 2Chronicles 6:30 (he knows everything)! Now this. I have been PMS mom and wife all week(every month) and this helped me breathe! Thanks so much now I am crying at work! HA!

  10. She doesn’t leave my side… and I’m thankful. Knowing how fast 11.5 years have passed, yeah, she keeps me company. Helps keep things in perspective when ya just mop, and they track in snow 😀 (ETC…)

  11. I miss everything about my kids, especially when they were younger and experiencing everything for the first time. I used to get annoyed also when I’d find treasures such as ink pens, gum, glue sticks, etc. that made made it through the wash into the dryer.

    After both my kids were gone, I was doing some laundry and saw some of the gum that was still stuck on the dryer thingy that spins around and rememered how I used to get annoyed, and now I wish they were back at home making the messes once again.

    Enjoy all of it. It passes like smoke through a keyhole.

  12. I love finding the stuff that they deem precious.

    The only time I almost lost my cool was when I found about a dozen EMPTY snail shells and I was grossed out until I called in the culprit and was told they were given to him EMPTY, so all was ok – no snail – turned – slime on my clothes 🙂

    Love finding the change too – its mine – no take backs 🙂

  13. When my sweet little angel wakes crying every two hours, I remind myself, I’m going to miss this one day. It always helps me keep perspective and cherish even those moments that are trying and tiring.

  14. my middle daughter…11 years old…came home sick on Monday…is it sad that I liked her being sick so we could snuggle and that I enjoyed having her here with me all day…when you have 3 it’s hard to spend alone time with them. I miss those days sometimes…but now it’s been 2 days…glad she is better so she can GO back to school tomorrow!!! So I had a little moment this week…thinking of the old days….when they were all home with me and how fast it has gone..sniff sniff!

  15. One summer morning I found a rock in my refridgerator…..a square shaped rock with bright green moss on it. I asked my then 4 year old what that was all about….it was of course a prized possession he had found down by the river and could we keep it there. He is almost 12 and we have moved twice since, and wouldn’t ya know it….that rock is STILL in the fridge 🙂

  16. I am catching up today, reading your blog and this is so very much what I needed to see! Thank you also to your readers for their lovely comments.

    We, too, are being blasted with the beautiful, wintry weather here in Michigan, so there’s not much outdoor time for my boys right now. While there are no rocks in my washing machine, I was battling the incessant chanting of repeated questions from my 2-year-old this morning as I tried to navigate my (dirty) van through the mammoth snow drifts that formed overnight. In the intensity of my determination to make it to the sitter’s house in one piece, I hissed at him through clenched teeth, “Hush! The answer is the same as the last 50 times I told you!” Ten minutes later as I left the sitter’s – and my two boys behind – tears welled up and I wished for those questions back from that little voice behind me all the way to work. I’m a long way from even thinking about an empty nest, but the mommy who longs to be at home with her babies has already consumed me. And this is where God gets the glory . . . because our prayers have been answered! In a little more than a month, I will get to be an at-home mommy. In the moments when I begin to question the sanity of leaving such (financial) security, it’s these gentle reminders He uses to let me know that if He’s leading us, He won’t leave us without ample provision.

    And I can’t wait to read a whole book, from start to finish 😀

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