I Have Issues…


What I am about to disclose to you, my internet peeps, will either cause me to lose my entire readership…all 16 of you OR will draw your heart just a wee bit closer to mine. Here goes…

I don’t eat seafood because it comes from alligator water, and I hate swimming in indoor swimming pools for fear that the bottom might open up into hell.

There. I said it. What do you think? I don’t really care what you think because I’m a recovering approval addict. However, I really do care what you think because I’m a recovering approval addict. More to come on the stories behind these ludicrous fears that have haunted me for my short 37 year life.

36 thoughts on “I Have Issues…”

  1. i can help with the swimming pool fear. All you need to do is test the water before you get it. If it’s cold, jump in and enjoy without worry. If it’s hot, then yes run! it might be close to hell.
    Thanks for the honesty.

  2. I still jump from about 5 feet to get into my bed if it’s dark in my room just in case someone would try to reach out from underneath and grab me.

    Feel better??

  3. The movie “JAWS” still haunts me! I still hate swimming in the deep. I somehow got it in my head after seeing the movie. ..That the GREAT WHITE might come busting through the filter grate at the bottom of the pool and TAKE ME DOWN! I will see you at the recovering “approval addicts” anonymous meeting! 

  4. Okay, I’ll play along. I don’t swim in lakes or oceans because I’m afraid something will grab me and take me to the bottom. Too much television, perhaps. I also don’t like public transportation because I’ve got this little germ phobia. I’m concerned about people sneezing on me or coughing in my direction and I can’t hold my breath the way I used to.

  5. LOL!!! Just wondering…why only indoor pools?

    I had to laugh at the jump in your bed from 3feet away comment….Still do that if hubby isn’t home! I guess in my mind if he is he will save me! LOL!!! I can fix that for you though…(now you will think I’m a real loon,) my hubby wired our lamp up to our bedpost so it is a touch lamp thingy. So…I go turn that on before I get into bed, then turn the bedroom light off, then once I’m settled in bed all I have to do is reach up and touch the bedpost to turn the lamp off! WA LA!!!!

    I can’t help you on the seafood thing…please don’t ruin it for me I LOVE SEAFOOD!!! LOL!!!!

    OH and yes…I should probably attend a approval addicts meeting with you but I’m still in the throws of my addiction!!!

  6. I used to think there was an alligator in the swimming pool I swam in as a kid. I wouldn’t get close to the grate that housed said alligator! Oh, and I have recently discovered that I am an approval addict, please share stories on the recovery process, as I am just at the first step, admitting the problem!

  7. You are ha weirdo! Next thing you’re going to disclose is you don’t drive your car through car washes because the soap covering your windshield and the noise makes you clausterphobic.
    rb 😉

  8. Everyone…I don’t feel like I’m as much of a loser after reading your fears, too. We are a strange brew, huh?

    I shouldn’t have called you losers. Sandi Patty sings, “In Heaven’s eyes, there are no losers. In Heaven’s eyes, no hopeless cause. There’s only people like you, with feelings like me and we’re amazed by the grace we can find, In Heaven’s eyes.” I just dated myself in a big way, didn’t I? I must confess I listened to her A LOT in the late 80’s and 90’s. Don’t even get me started on the duet that she sang with Larnell Harris.

    Someone get me a hanky.

  9. I’m totally cool with your strange, irrational fears.
    I fear the food disposer thingy in my sink. I am afraid it is going to shoot something in my eye . . . so I always place something over it when I run it.

    By the way . . . what is alligator water?

  10. Ummmm…….

    I’m thinkin’ if the pool water is warm, there might be another issue going on there.

    Just thinking out loud. For those of you who’ve had toddlers who’ve graduated from Swimmers, you know what I’m talkin’ about. 😉

  11. Ryan, I will expound on these ridiculous fears over the next two days. You will learn what alligator water is! It’s real! I promise! 🙂

  12. Oh, and I guess I need to confess mine.

    I like to sleep with one leg under the covers, one leg out…you know…to balance the hot-to-cold ratio. Even if I’m not cold, I have to be under the covers somewhat because the killer in my house can’t hurt me if I’m under the covers, right? And I won’t let my arm dangle over the bed. That’s a sure way to get pulled under the bed by that same killer.

    Another reason to NOT let my children EVER watch the same movies I saw when I was a kid (like “When a Stranger Calls” from the 70’s….SSSSSSCARY!)

  13. I visited the Hall of Fins in San Antonio when I was 17. After seeing the teeth on some freshwater fish, It is really hard to swim in murky lakes. And….I can NOT sleep with the closet doors open. The Closet Monster just might get me. 🙂

  14. Don’t like water, I can’t swim, I don’t understand how it all works, I really don’t care to learn, water is not fun, chlorine is not fun….

    BTW- I do like drinking water and taking showers, but that’s it.

  15. I’m laughing out loud at all of you because I too have those funny things. I keep my closet door closed at night lest the boogy man reach out and grab me if I walk by. I do not walk over any kind of grate in a sidewalk or street lest I fall and die. I too cannot hang any body part over the bed or that creepy faceless monster will get me. If it’s a digital dial for the radio volume or other volume number readers…they must be on an even number or a number divisible by 5…

  16. I don’t like seafood either–mostly because in their original forms, they look like bugs. You just LOOK at a crawdad and TELL ME that it doesn’t look like a freakin’ insect. Blech.

    Also, I will NOT sleep with the bedroom door open (too many elementary school fire safety videos), OR with my head to the door—caveman protection instincts, I guess.

    As for writing you off/being crazier about you…um, yeah, it’s the latter. 🙂

  17. Well I grew up n 3 miles from Lake Michigan. So sharks aren’t an issue. I am afraid of minnows. Thankful to three older brothers who told me the fish would nibble my toes.
    Whenever we jump off my brother-in-laws boat and swim in the middle of the lake in the summer. I pray that there aren’t any bigger fish close to the top. Good times.

  18. You all have NO idea how much better I feel about myself. I mean, seriously. I thought I was the only silly one out there. Glad to know I’m in good company 🙂

  19. I am deathly afraid of clowns! Enough said.
    Also, I have my husband sleep on the side of the bed closest to the bedroom door. My theory is, if the boogey-man comes into our room I can jump out the window while he’s occupied with my husband. I love my husband, but he is bigger than me and has a better chance! LOL

  20. (Deep breath.) Ok, here it goes….

    I can’t sleep with the closet door open but only because I’m afraid that aliens might be real. (Don’t ask. I’m pretty sure I saw a weird TV show as a kid and never recovered.) So I’m afraid of aliens but think zombies are hilarious. (Alien movies scare me to death… zombie movies are so funny.)
    I’m so afraid of snakes that I always stand back when turning on my bath tub faucet and always check where my feet are going (especially in the car). I read once that this woman got in her car and a bunch of snakes fell on her feet. They had been hiding up in her dash. YIKES!! Oh, I don’t swim in lakes because of snakes.
    Oh, yeah and I’m afraid of other people’s snot. It’s just gross and full of germs.

  21. Hi its my first time to post. but have been checking out your blog. thank you gor your daily insight!
    I too sleep with one leg out. I do not walk on grates I step over them and I have a huge fear of clowns! the movie IT ring a bell. my friends think its histerical.

  22. LOL Mama Cindy… that’s hilarious!
    I actually woke up sweating one night a long time ago (and by a long time ago, I mean last week, no joke) because I had a dream that I was walking with someone and they were grabbed by an alligator and I tried to save them…nearly scared the pee out of me! Don’t ask me how we got from the NW campus to alligators, IDK! Needless to say I had to get up after that one and go to the potty.
    Also, can’t be in my room or a friends room talking w/out the door closed also, can’t sleep w/ a door open, and I don’t eat seafood, but it’s ust because I can’t stand the smell!

  23. The first step is admitting, Cindy, so you are on your way to recovery (well….maybe). I do have a lot of fear when Brandon is out of town. I have to go to sleep with the TV on so I don’t hear noises (thinking that someone is outside about to break in our house). Mind you- it’s only when he’s gone. When he’s here, there are no break-ins, no need for TV, and peaceful sleeping. Go figure. I guess I just need my man to protect me from those night creepies:)

    I swim in all kinds of water (inside or outside) so I guess that either makes me brave or foolish…hee hee.

  24. Cindy,
    I totally understand! I only swim in pools that I can see the bottom of and never in the deep end! However, I do love seafood! Shrimp is my favorite.

    On the other hand I used to be SO scared to be by myself at night that I would leave lights on all throughout the house, shut my door, put hangers that would bang around on the door knob, put things in front of the door, and sleep with the bedroom light on. Weird I know, but that all changed for me in the early 90s and now I can walk into my house in the dark and never feel fearful. I started a ‘campaign’ to face my fears and started doing the things I was fearful of, well that is all but riding the Texas Giant at Six Flags. I opted for the Runaway Mine Train instead! 🙂

  25. I’m afraid to swim in the deep end of a pool by myself because Jaws is going to come out and it me. I’m 33. Let’s all thank my sister for that issue, she in planted on me when I was about 10.

    You are not alone about the pool issues.

  26. hahaha! I have not been online in a few days…I have missed your blogs the most 🙂 That is a beautiful picture of you by the way!

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