I Have Decided

Every time I start a sentence with those three words, my husband says, “…to live like a believer, to turn your back on the deceiver?” Then he smiles and cracks up because of his knowledge of old Amy Grant songs. That’s something to be proud of. Actualmente, what I have decided is that I am no longer going to fool myself into thinking that grown-up cereals are better for me. They are not. Sure, they may help me have my fill of fiber and have more appropriately shaped poop, but they do nothing for my mental state. Did I say that out loud? On the other end of the spectrum, cereals such as Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cap’n Crunch Berries do assist me. I’m happier. I feel more like a kid. I’m a little more carefree. Plus, my kids love it when their mom eats kid cereals. So, my decision stands. I will eat sugared cereals for the rest of my life. You have no idea how good that felt.

27 thoughts on “I Have Decided”

  1. on the Amy Grant thing… when that song came out, my little brother walked around the house singing “I have a silo!!!….”

    yeah, we lived on a farm.

    and you go, girl, on the cereal. It’s all carbs, I say, so what’s the diff? 🙂

  2. OK….You and Poop and your blog….How long can you go without mentioning it or showing pictures. LOL

    I am not a huge cereal fan but if I am going to eat it can I please just have some Corn Chex. I don’t like my milk to be all sugary. Better yet can we pass on the cereal and can I have some really buttery wheat toast. I know I am a nerd.

    If I have to eat sugary cereal I pick Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries. Does anybody remember BooBerries???

  3. When I had only read the title of today’s post, the Amy Grant song started going thru my head before I even read about it…but then again, almost anything sets a song off in my head. Is that just me??

  4. every time *i* hear “i have decided”, my mind sings “to follow jesus…” but back in the day i certainly loved me some amy grant! so maybe i’ll start remembering her song now instead.

    and ya know, i’m with you 100% on the sugar cereal business!

  5. You make me laugh…this kids would like to enjoy a nice bowl of Golden Grahams with you! Oh oh can we do that next time Chris is out of town? Can I come over & have cereal for dinner…that’s sure to get you on te top of the “cool mom” chart!

  6. All too funny! hey, here’s a new one for your list. It’s sort of on the “healthy” side…(but not really) Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puffins…MMM…Good and sans the Captain Crunch mouth shredding (been there) HEH HEH.

  7. Honey Bunches of Oats with Chocolate Clusters is my new favorite. It fools me into thinking that it’s healthy, but really in the end it’s just like kids’ cereal. It turns your milk all chocolatey which is a bonus too. *slurp*

  8. Too funny! I kept going on the song as well. I really enjoy multigrain cheerios. They are sweet and I can still pretend I am a grownup 🙂

  9. The Lord HAS done a mighty work in you! To actually say, as a mother of young children, that you’re eating sugary cereal????? Wow. I’m impressed. I eat my all-bran, and I also buy the boxes of Cap’n Crunch (with berries of course) and Cocoa Puffs saying my kids can eat them….but I polish them off before anyone else gets a chance. “Mommy, where’s the puffs?”

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