I Have A Confession

I hate Starbucks coffee. I have been agonizing over making this declaration that is certain to make some of you discard our blog friendship.  But people, I have been fooling myself for years.  YEARS.  I have tried to ignore this fact every time I put 1/2 of cup of creamer and 14 tablespoons of Splenda in my coffee.  And I just can’t live a lie anymore. I finally admitted this to my husband just the other day and instead of being met with disgust or even disappointment from this coffee connoisseur, I was given grace.  Sweet grace.  My husband proved that the ground is level at the bottom of the coffee pot and for that, I am forever grateful. I hate Starbucks coffee because it’s too dang strong.  Period.  (Note:  The pastries at Starbucks I do not hate.  They are delightful to the taste buds.  I don’t even mind a Strawberry Frappucino every now and again.) Still friends? Okay. So, here’s my latest find that has been very kind to my grocery budget.  The handsome hubby didn’t even know I switched.  I asked him if he noticed anything different after he’d been drinking said new coffee for two weeks.  He hadn’t noticed but informed me that he wondered. Pashaw. Folks, allow me to unveil the best kept secret this side of the Mississippi. 8002 I buy this little baby for $3.44 at (the) Wal-Mart(s).  Oh yes I do.  While the same size of Starbucks would cost me $7.48. What? And do have yourselves a loverly day.

20 thoughts on “I Have A Confession”

  1. Girlfriend, I am with you! Starbucks coffee tastes strong and a bit like the coffee beans are burnt in roasting. I quit coffee last October but, the only time I liked Starbucks coffee was when the pumpkin spice latte’s came out in fall, only for the season. Otherwise, I liked McDonald’s coffee! LOVED McDonald’s coffee! But there’s also a local, individually owned coffee shop here where the owner roasts his own beans. Oh my goodness, do his beans make an amazing cup off coffee… that’s what I’d buy for home. Didn’t save any money there but if I were a “go out for coffee” kinda’ gal, McDonald’s was it mostly.

  2. I hate Starbucks coffee!!! I love it when they make me a latte or frappaccino at the shop, but NEVER order a cup ‘o plain joe there. There isn’t enough Splenda in North America. At home I use the $9.99 Costco brand. One bag lasts me three months and it’s dern good tasting.

  3. Recently, I saw a survey on msn.com regarding best coffees, and McDonald’s was ranked higher than Starbucks! Had to have one of their fat-free vanilla lattes, and it’s GOOD. And a lot less $$! Starbucks never claimed to sell great coffee…their deal has always been “community”, and I have to say…Starbucks delivers on that.

  4. I thought I was the only one! Seriously. Even going to the Starbuck’s with friends is like torture. I never know what to order because I can’t stand the taste unless it’s super doctored up. Thank you!

  5. My husband and I love coffee – no sugar, no cream, just plain ol black coffee so we can taste the different flavors in it (and whether its slightly acidic or has a fruity aftertaste, etc). Since my husband is very consumer-conscious, i.e., needs to read Consumer Reports before different purchases, he found through that magazine that 8 O’Clock coffee is indeed one of the best rated coffees. He and I have been drinking 8 O’Clock coffee for several years now, purchased through Amazon.com (bulk grocery area). We love it! Here’s a link about how great 8 O’clock coffee is – http://www.reuters.com/article/marketsNews/idUSN0247557920090202. (and we think that Starbucks brewed coffee is always burnt at the store!!)

  6. I do admit I like strong coffee. I can’t afford Starbucks, so I go to the circle K for mine. May not be exotic but .99 does it for me.

    The pumpkin latte I do love tho… For special treats for the Heidsters…

    Gotta run to the circle K now!!

    Loverly day my friend.. Love ya

  7. I’m in agreement too – DON’T LIKE Starbucks coffee! That being said – they have a frozen/frosty thingy that chocolate and mint that last summer I had WAY too many while I was traveling. YUMMY stuff – but too many Weight Watcher points for me now!!!

  8. I don’t like coffee that’s been “messed with” (i.e., added flavorings, sweetener, etc.). I prefer it straight black. That said, I’ve never spent money at Starbucks for straight coffee, either. I just get the hot chocolate. My coffee drinking is quite occasional; just one cup every now and then… maybe 4 or 5 times a year.

  9. I don’t like coffee at all, but the smell of Starbucks is particularly disturbing to me. But I do love their chai tea!!

  10. Love 8 o’clock coffee! have some Hazelnut in my cupboard right now!!
    starbucks, I can take it (with flavor) or leave it (it’s too strong)
    I also love Dunkin’ Donuts when I am out and about!!

  11. I myself am a Panera girl, Starbucks is way to stinkin strong & Hot u have to wait forever to drink it or burn off all your tastebuds to get over the strong flavor.
    I love my Carmel Latte from Panera.

  12. girl, yousofunny…..i thought i was the only dork in the world who hated starbucks!!! what freedom! now i know I am not the only one 🙂

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