I Hate Garage Sales And I Cannot Lie…

Although there is that one print in my formal dining room that this girl and this girl bought for me on one of their garage sale mornings.  It was a steal, I tell you.  A steal! But other than that, I hate them. I hate them because I’ve had them.  Many times.  Back in my home state of Texas, I had a relatively good amount of success with them.  But since leaving the Promised Land of barbeque, great football, amazing Tex-Mex and the best grocery store known to man, I have been disappointed.  Even a little perturbed. I mean, don’t people know that when I price the nice, Gap belt for 75¢ that it’s a steal.  That they are basically getting away with robbery?  If they do, why do they offer me a quarter.  ONE MEASLY QUARTER! A little bitter. And don’t they know that I’m practically handing them a stereo when I have a $15 price tag on it?  Or that when I put $2 on very nice POLO button-downs that my husband can no longer wear that they are getting the deal of the century?  Or that when I put 10¢ on a book that to offer me a nickel, A BLESSED NICKEL, that it’s an insult? For the love. There was a time when I needed to do garage sales so that we could make some extra money.  Now, we are on our way to financial freedom and actually prefer to give most things away.  Why?  Because…“it is more blessed to give than to receive.” Does that mean no one should sell anything?  Certainly not.  There are times to sell and times to give.  My husband and I just happen to be in the giving mode in our life now.  But, we weren’t always there. You’ll know when you are financially able to handle that season of giving.  But, then again, it may be a leap of faith to give something away when you really need to sell it. Something to think about.

6 thoughts on “I Hate Garage Sales And I Cannot Lie…”

  1. My wife and I have had our share of garage sales, too. In fact, she wants to put another one together soon; I’m not thrilled, but will help.

    We cleaned out my parents’ house and now our garage is full to the brim. There’s no way we need all that stuff, so it has to go. We have given lots away, and will do so again. There’s some in there we’ll sell and help get rid of some clutter along the way.

    If you’re in town, drop by and see. We may just have a bargain.

    At another yard sale, a woman gathered a wad of hard-back books which had been marked at a good price. We asked if she wanted them in a bag and told her the price. Well, she said “I was prepared to offer you 10 cents each for them.” Well, that just didn’t work out very well for her!

  2. My wife loves going garage sale-ing with my mom and sister. They go every Friday.

    And my wife, I think, would disagree with you. She says, “I’ll pay what I want to pay, a not a penny more.”

    And she often gets the price she wants (I think it’s because she so cute). But she feels the same indignation you describe, but in the opposite way: “That one lady got all huffy and said, ‘Don’t you know that cost me $30 when I bought it!?!’ I don’t care what you paid for it. I’m willing to pay $1.50.”



  3. I can’t stand garage sales. I don’t like having them either. I always do it with a friend (the few times I had to have one) that way I can walk away when some one wants to “negotiate” the price. That is the part I hate the most. If I went to someone’s sale I would just pay what they were asking or not buy it…but not ever try and talk them down. Oh how I dread garage sales!
    Thanks for raising my temperature level…oh do I feel strongly about this topic!! =)

  4. It is an awesome painting. I probably would never host my own garage sale. My husband would rather me speak in tongues than do that. And, that’s sayin’ a lot.

    But, going to one? It can be fun.

  5. I love garage sales. But I don’t like to host them. My favorite garage sale find? Deleise Klaassen… finally met her face to face at a g-sale in 08.

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