I Guess I Can’t Have My Cake And Eat It, Too

All y’all know how much of a stickler I am when it comes to customer service. I’m of the old mindset that actually thinks the customer is first and that you should actually help the customer and make the customer feel like she is actually important to you. I know, call me crazy. Yesterday I went to a local craft store to get a poster framed. The gal helping me was tremendous. I didn’t feel like a bother to her AT ALL. Very nice feeling. When I came back a couple of hours later, the guy who helped me get my framed poster also treated me as if I was the reason their store was in business. With my 4-year old in tow, I proceeded to the check out. There was only one register open and the line was getting longer with every deep and annoyed sigh I sighed. The cashier, let’s call her Ethel, was slower than molasses. It could be because she was having a conversation with the customer as if they’d known each other for 6 years. I assure you, THEY HAD NOT. You see, I was in a great deal of a hurry yesterday and quite frankly, Ethel’s willingness to show her customers that they were important really GOT ON MY NERVES. I didn’t roll my eyes or gossip to the other woman standing next to me or make remarks under my breath about Ethel’s desire to have a Kum-ba-yah moment right there in the store. Of course I didn’t. Because I’m a Christian and we all know that Christians don’t do things like that. Eventually Ethel called for back-up and a young gal checked me out like nobody’s business. I was out of there just before Ethel pulled out the photos of her grandbabies. As I drove away something dawned on me. It hit me square in the forehead and I became disheartened just a bit. I want what I want when it’s convenient for me. And if I’m being honest, I’m a tad bit embarrassed and ashamed to admit that. Do you relate?

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  1. I understand that feeling. I bet that checker’s name was actually Anna. At my Hobby Lobby, she does chat it up with every single person. Unfortunately, by the time it’s my turn, I no longer in the mood to chat. Maybe I should be?

  2. AWWW! I always think that’s cool! I usually try to stay away from stores when I have a time crunch. I wait until i can go without an agenda.
    But yes I still want things when i want them & sometimes get annoyed when people are taking forever.

  3. The humbling part (for me) is realizing my “convenient for me attitude” spills over into service… I will serve at church when it’s convenient for me…I’ll make a meal for a neighbor when it’s convenient for me…I’ll watch your kids when it’s convenient for me… ugh, ugly feeling.
    (Please try to keep the convicting posts to a minimum.. ha/ha)

  4. Thanks for being honest. I have a feeling I know who you are talking about. I have felt much the same way in the past and as I walked out of the store felt the same pang in my heart. This woman, while she is slow but precise, has such a sweet spirit and truly treats all customers as if they were dear friends. I had the same gamut of emotions that overtook me one particular day when I was on my lunch hour and in a big hurry. It is a treasure and a gift to be able to treat others with the love and concern as this sweet spirit does each day. Great thought provoking post.

  5. so being in retail I could go on and on about this subject, but i’ll keep it to minimum. I totally get annoyed with other retailers that have bad customer service or are obliveous (sp?) to the surrounding customers. It is our job to make customers feel welcome and treated the same making small talk but not giving life stories. she should have realized she inconviencing others in line. sorry I did kind of rant I’m feeling very passionate about this, this morning. I do feel and have those moments of I want it when it convenient to me. The trick is to be able to step back and realize that what I’m doing.

  6. So maybe you have of sushi in you after all LOL

    I am definitely like that, love it when people are friendly when I have the time for it.

  7. Hate to admit it but there is a cashier in a local store that I avoid at all costs. I will stay in the longest line before I will go to her. It is basically the same reason as you described. Except she isn’t acurate at all. So as Roger stated. I guess I have sushi in me too. 🙂

  8. Patience is my biggest opportunity for God to work His best in my life. I was born without an ounce of it. Today, perhaps it’s safe to say that I have half a tank full (okay maybe that’s an exaggeration). The more I pray for it, the more He places me in situations to teach me. Thanks, Lord … most of the time. I can relate… Time is something I value tremendously – other people – not so much. By the time He’s done with me I should be good to go (through the express line). 🙂

  9. Positive and a Negative

    +So, I can get the same way sometimes, but have learned that sometimes I think that one day the Lord will show us how He orchestrated some delays so that we wouldn’t be caught in the middle of a terrible accident on the road or out of some sort of protection for us

    -Yesterday, I was out shoe shopping with my sister-in-law and had one of those moments where unlike your control while standing in line to not roll your eyes or say anything to the fellow line standers…my words actually came out of my mouth. It was awful! I said it to my s-i-l, but then the worst fear that I was overheard by the woman I said it about heard me made my stomach turn, then the what-ifs set in…what if she goes to our church, what if she knows I’m the worship pastor’s wife, what if…, what if…, should I go apologize, what if she didn’t hear me….ARGH!! Yuck! Lord forgive me!

  10. I totally agree with you on this front. I want what I want then when I am not in that mood I want something else and for it be perfect. If the people in the store had not been exceptionally nice to you then they would have been not connecting and just being sales people. I change our “Christian” view to fit the moment in which we are in sometimes. I am the first to say that this was awakening to me, as I do this momentarily.

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