14 thoughts on “I Don’t Even Know What To Say…”

  1. Aside from sitting in the room with the guys videoing this….I got to watch it in the best place ever. With Cindy and 6 women laughing hysterically.

    It is hard to know what to say when you can’t stop laughing. 🙂

  2. it is SO good to see this kind of connection between guys. all the blogger “reunions” i’ve heard about and seen have been of women. i am so glad that there are guys out there who have also found such a strong level of friendship in the blogosphere.

  3. This is absolutely hilarious. I’ve been quietly lurking around your blog for a while now, and feel the need to come out of the shadows and say hello. 🙂 I love that your husbands had the opportunity to meet before either of you did. So very funny! It’s nice to see men having a connection like this, especially in those formative hours of friendship. 🙂 So very funny!

  4. Too funny!

    And I want to point out one thing that they said not to do, but I think that’s more for guys – women can completely ask what the other is wearing! It would just be wrong not to….

  5. THAT was hilarious! HAHA!!! I laughed through the whole thing!

    Dylan was laying here with me watching this and he said “MOMMY! This is boring. Who are they?” 😆 heehee Kids, keep ya humble. haha!!!

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